Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sleepy Bird

With his belly full, he nestles down in my lap 
closing his lone eye 
and whistling sleepy little chicken tunes.

She (??) is exhausted after the effort it takes
to scoop up her food 
and then struggle with drinking from the eye dropper;
We had another breakthrough!

If I fill up the utility sink
she not only has the cleanest chicken feet in town
but also is able to take her own drinks!
I just wrap her in a towel afterwards
and she's as happy as a . . . lark???

Well, I don't know exactly how happy she is
but she's pretty excited about her new drinking method.
As soon as I put her in the sink she knows exactly what to do.

I have to learn how long to keep her in so she doesn't drink too much.
 Bird is about 4 months old now, still small for her age
but getting along pretty well considering her physical issues.

The new batch of chicks won't be suited for her, 
none of them seem to have a sweet disposition.
My husband thinks most of them are roosters.
The hens will go to his boss for a new batch of layers.
Bird will just hang out with us.


Harry Flashman said...

Good old bird. She just continues to march. But she couldn't without you.
I'm glad her water system is working, I know she likes to drink on her own.

Unknown said...

I think Bird is so lucky to have found you.....I love your stories about her?. Thanks for sharing!

Candy C. said...

I'm glad Bird is able to drink on her own but it's too bad the new chicks are not nice enough to play with her.

Manny said...

Bird continues to be a great story. Amazing how we connect with the most unlikely of creatures. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

LindaG said...

What a great idea you lucked into. Bird is definitely lucky.
You all have a blessed week. ♥