Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Gadgets- The Pampered Kind

I love gadgets!
The more the better, it's has been my weakness since childhood.
I don't go to home parties much,
no candle parties,
no decor parties 
but I really like Pampered Chef products.
It's a bit pricey sometimes but I find the quality is good.

This incredibly cool container is a salad dressing mixer
complete with directions for various dressings
such as Italian, French, Oriental 
what my husband says is NOT Caesar,
there's not an anchovy or raw egg in the mix.
  I'm sure it tastes great- I can do without the little fishies.
We use the Good Seasons dressing a lot so now
it's just the same thing but we use our own ingredients
plus have a mixer/pourer along with it.

The orange thing is an orange peeler, 
saving fingernails when you want to peel oranges, 
tangerines, etc.  Very  helpful.

Then the swively mallet thing mixes and chops meat
while you are cooking. My neighbors have this and love it.
I have been known to put mine through a food grinder
before making my sloppy joes or meat sauces.
I'm just weird that way- it's a texture thing,
you may not understand but it's the same reason
my daughter became a vegetarian.
have not gone to that extreme.
I love bacon waaay too much! 

Now the box with the apron was my prize in the attendance drawing.
I could  choose between a recipe book or a daiqueri mix.
Guess what I took.
It wasn't the book!


Harry Flashman said...

I can sympathize. There's no new gadget comes out for reloading than I have to have at least one to try out. My reloading bench is littered with widgets that didn't work.

Candy C. said...

I'm a gadget girl myself but have cut back on my 'collecting' due to space/storage constraints. Have fun with your new toys! :)