Saturday, August 10, 2013

One Day I Realized, I Collect Chickens!

The things you discover when you finally get around to taking everything down-
It really happened in the old place  We were painting and once I 
got everything off the cabinet tops, the tables and the walls I discovered
that I collected chickens!  Surprise, surprise!
It wasn't intended, it just happened.

So maybe we don't set out to collect things,
maybe they choose us.
Who would have guessed that one day I'd own chickens
or have a house chick at that!

While this isn't a chicken, it sits on the cabinet tops with them,
propped up so you can see the inside from below.
It's old and I think from my grandmother's place.(??)

What a happy little picture.
A nice little cottage by the water.
Sail boats and birds taking advantage of the breezes.
The sort of place that would be perfect to raise chickens!

PS  This isn't all, I've got figurines, photos, tableware, paintings, etc. 
all over the house!



You have a very good collection and I like it!

Harry Flashman said...

My daughter liked chickens when she was little. She collected chickens like you have, chicken cups, chicken plates. Most of them are up at her apartment now but we still have a few in the hutch and on book shelves.

Gorges Smythe said...

Considering that you have a blind, cross-beaked chicken that you're raising, I'd say that you "collect" the other kind, too! ;-)

Rachy said...

Kathy, I too have come to this realisation.

It was an accident, honest! :D

Sunnybrook Farm said...

I looked around and couldn't find any thing with a chicken on it other than the cookbook titled 365 ways to cook chicken and the chicken isn't exactly a happy bird on the cover.
I collect glass insulators as there is a bunch of them on display.

Candy C. said...

I love your chickens! I have ended up with quite a few chicken things myself recently. Somehow, they just call to me! ;)

LA Murano said...

Awesome collection! I really love that little 'flying' chick. So cute!