Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Watering System

We needed a plan to get water up to the garden
after fighting the drought last year.  It is about
a 150 ft run between garden and house, winding through the wooded
area so stringing out hoses didn't work well.   
 We lost pressure.

My husband attached a dual valve manifold to our existing faucet.
The knobs allow you to turn on or off each hose, or have
both of them running water at the same time.

He used Schedule 40 PVC 1/2 pipe with a threaded
end so we can screw on a short length of hose.

  It runs parallel to the garage behind the plantings
and then drops into a 5 inch deep, narrow ditch, created
by using one tooth on a box blade.  It cut a channel
into the gravel driveway directing the ditch towards the garden.
This is not frost proof so you need to make sure you can drain the pipes.

   On the other side of the drive it  again
comes above ground, running along the ground
on a slightly downward slope with connections
leading to the garden- through the wooded section.
There is a cuppler at the low point between garden
and drive which is used to drain the water in fall.
We installed another one at the low point at the 
garden for the same reason.  Last season that one split
 from freezing water.

The cupppler is the  bulge in the  line you can see
 just to the right of the T-post. 
Then it makes a turn and follows the T-post
up to the faucet.  It is attached with zip ties.
There is a quick connect on the hose and faucet
which allows us to move the hose if necessary.

 We also have another T-post equipped with an impulse sprinkler
which allows us to have a directional or continuous spray in a circle.
  The entire system cost us about $50 to do ourselves.
By using the rigid pipe we get more pressure to the garden.
It is nice to have  dual faucets so we can turn it off
at the garden to reposition the sprinkler or 
attach a rotating sprinkler for specific areas.
We can also quickly turn the entire system off at the house 
rather than walk to the garden. 

These photos were taken at the beginning our "Spring,"
assuming we ever see  Spring,  so there are still plenty
of weeds and not as much plantings.  I've been busy up there
and after this next set of severe weather outbreaks, 
I'll feel comfortable finishing the job.

 I have two artichokes growing this year- something new to us!  
Then there are the peppers,  cukes, some squash, pumpkin volunteers,
watermelon, herbs and hopefully more tomatillos.
Our little side garden has the salad fixings.


LindaG said...

Looks like what we did when we ran a faucet out to the pasture garden. :-)

Great photos showing what you did. :-)

Carolyn said...

We really need to do something similar to what you've done. Sure does make watering the garden easier.

Candy C. said...

We are still struggling with hoses but only about 50 feet so it's not too bad. This looks like a great solution to your problem! :)