Friday, May 24, 2013


 It's time to start the Spring cleaning!
Normally we would have everything tidied up by this time
but with all the storms, well ... it just didn't happen.
The court yard gets covered with leaves, twigs and 
those long seeds that look like someone crocheted them.
Then we'll have to repaint BBQs and do a little fountain
work.  The liner finally wore through so it will be a 
good chance to really clean it out.

It looks like the fire pit will need some  paint as well.
It's great to have a place to throw leaves and other debris
   then light it and warm up for a few minutes.
I think we'll be here tonight, sitting with our goat raising
friends and finding out how everything is going.
It's supposed to be pretty cool tonight so the fire will feel good.

Shrubs are blooming now, attracting bees and 
early moths and butterflies.

The peony's looked pretty good until the storm
on Wednesday.  Now they are doing what peonys 
normally do when they get tossed about.
   Laying down!  Last year I staked them and it helped a lot.

 I love the bee balm.  We have two types:
one is a short version and the other must be wild
because it's very tall.  It always attracts lots of insects.
I've never tried making tea with it, I'll have to read up.

  Now that I'm fairly confident we aren't having any
immediate threats of hail, I added the topper to the
bird bath.  It always looks nice with the iris
but the cats would prefer it left on our porch,
better to balance and drink from that way.

I just love the mama bird feeding her baby.

This used to be our camper.
Now the roof failed and my husband says it not worth saving.
I wish I could convert it into some type of  potting shed
(or a house for the cats!!)    
  I'm not very talented in construction and the husband says 
No, he won't do it, it's too far gone.

The trees that line the driveway have some
strange growths on them.  I don't think it's good.

I've seen the larva on this plant.
Not sure what to do but pick them off.

Our hostas have really loved all the rain, 
so has the ground covering that trails over the stones.

This is one of the yucky culprits.
More on this later but I've seen three types of 
caterpillars this year and they are out of control!
I guess a good, wet spring will do that for you,
last season we went from winter to a summer drought
so  the only pests we had were squash bugs.
This year I think I'm in for it!


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

This would be perfect for my idea of "Show Me Your Mess" blog hop! We always try to show the best photos, someday I'll take you on a tour of my messes!

Betty Manousos said...

a beautiful spring post!
i seriously need to start my spring cleaning; argh...that did not seem like enough time to do anything, so i gave up!

happy weekend!

Gorges Smythe said...

A simple shed roof over that trailer could save the space, UNLESS the floor is bad.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

It's the cost of building the structure. We're all rock so you can't dig, we had to bring in lots of fill to even have the basement/foundation. Then the cost of the materials. Want a camper?

Carolyn said...

I vote "Cat House" for the camper!

And I LOVE your patio! I've always wanted a non-tick & chigger haven in the yard (or at least not-so-ticky) with a little fire pit. Sooooo cozy I bet in the fall (or cold spring). Enjoy your visiting friends :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The courtyard was not much of a choice. We're on complete rock and nothing would grow so we cashed in an old saving acct - retirement account- that was not making any money and put it in,. I didn't think I would really want it at first, being used to a grass front yard and all but this has been the best investment yet . Everyone gathers here and we can have lots of tables and chairs, fires, etc. We still have the acreage for the campfire fire pit when we want a more rustic feel.

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

Maybe you could put a tarp/roof over the camper and just stake it down.

I was in High Ridge yesterday buying a lawn mower from Craigslist. It's very pretty out your way right now.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

So sorry to here your camper is leaking... maybe you should put it up for sale and get out from under it while there is still enough there for maybe someone else to salvage, you know?
then you can use that money for something else. :)
You didn't ask...but that's my 2 cents.
We've had some little caterpillars eating on our broccoli...but it is pretty much all gone...just waiting for seed now.

Your hostas are beautiful!

enjoy your weekend. Pat

Candy C. said...

I love your patio and the irises are beautiful! I hope you can get the bugs under control.