Monday, January 21, 2013

Winging It - Grab and Go Meal Deals

A blogger posed a question on Facebook-
Do you plan your meals
or Wing it?
My response- Wing it-
But let me qualify that statement.
(photo above, pork butts after the smoker)

(After slow cooking all night preparing it for pulling)

We look for really good deals on meat.
Not only do we purchase a hog and process it ourselves,
we watch for grocery specials such as these pork butts.
Yes, we like pork a lot.
At $1.00 per pound, we purchased two good sized butts.
Then my husband smoked them,
we pulled them and vacuum sealed in 1.5 lb packets
so we can just pull out what we need for one meal.
Add some BBQ sauce and sides for a quick meal
or plop it on a bun  and have with your favorite chips.
We do the same with deer, chicken
and a smaller amount of beef.
So, not quite planned, 
but not quite Winging It!
Definitely Grab and Go.

Today's purchase
Chicken Breast $0.99 per pound, purchased 2 packages (limit)
Pork butt $0.99 per pound, one additional package for the freezer.
Muffin mixes $1.00 each
Three frozen  (specialty) pizzas $4.00 each**
Large loaf of white bread $0.99
As a treat- ice cream bars.
Total cents off savings (no coupons)  $36.26

Our freezer with the 1.5 lb packets.

** we make our own pizza very similar to this specialty pizza, 
cracker thin crust with provel cheese (a St Louis creation).  The cost per pizza is about $8-10 for us to make it. Expensive but our pizza is pizza parlor quality.  When we find a similar quality pizza on sale at $4, we can't  pass it up!


LindaG said...

You have some really good sales.
Good tips, too.
Thanks and have a great week!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Oh I can almost smell the pork!