Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pfaff in for Servicing

I have thread wrapped around my take up lever!
Maroon thread, something that I haven't used for a year
and now the poor baby won't sew.
It will be two weeks until I get it back.
What do I do about my block of the month?!
Oh oh.

We purchased this years ago for $500
including the sewing table
and the embroidery attachments.
You can program your own designs but it's 
old school, not the fancy new stuff.
It also has pre-programmed settings.
Someone traded it in and the dealer didn't carry Pfaffs.
They just wanted it out of the showroom
and we arrived at the right time.

I went up to the attic and retrieved my mom's old machine.
Except mom says it wasn't hers ?????
It may be one of my grandmothers, but it looks a lot like Mom's.

It's a Singer 413 zig zag, pretty old but not sure what year.
It might be from the 70s?
I found the manual on line and downloaded it.
I was a little fuzzy on how to thread it.

Now I'm not complaining. . .
Really?  Who do I think I'm kidding-
I'm complaining, although I should not be, 
this is a blessing.

But apparently I've been sewing on a Cadillac.
This is just not the same.
I'm sure it's a matter of getting used to it.
But for my more complicated BOM, I think I'll wait the two weeks.
The Amish quilt uses thicker matial so it may work better.

I am trying to get tensions set and stitch length right.
The knob, which is also reverse, was stuck 
but I have it moving now, which helps.

I will say bobbin threading and insertion is easier on the Singer!
Another plus, my husband dropped my Pfaff off for me 
and spent some time with the repairman.
He showed him how I need to set the machine 
to free motion quilt!

Now I just have wait the two weeks.


Gorges Smythe said...

Pfaff IS the Cadillac of sewing machines, but you won't get one for $500 THESE days!

Michelle said...

I only had one machine. So when it was serviced I was lost. After two times of being with out it I finally bought another machine. I learned that if you quilt, you really need two machines. For some reason they always break when your in the middle of a project.

Faith said...

I'm not a sewer, but have a machine that I drag out every blue moon or so, when I get that itch to sew. It was my mothers Singer, and it is from the '50's,
it has and does some zig zaggy, embroider stuff on it but I've never used it. It still works well, but I don't have a cabinet for it, and if I sew then I need to use the kitchen table, and it has to be put up and taken down for supper...so I suppose that is why I don't sew more. Hope the 2 weeks pass quickly for you.

3rnigerians said...

I love the old Singer Kathy. I learned on an oldie similar to that one. Like you, I have gotten pretty used to my nice new machine, but My Grandma would often say that the fanciest machine I have used cannot hold a candle to the simple Singer featherweight she had. Wouldn't you know it she was right. Once you get the hang of this old girl I think you'll like her. Happy Wednesday. Looking forward to seeing your BOM.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I used to sew on my Mom's, not much though, just to fix a seam but I remember it being OK to sew on. I'm sure this one is just fine but needs a good cleaning and getting used to. I'll have my other one back soon! I think the feed dogs are the difference. The Pfaff has dual feed so everything goes through so nicely.

LindaG said...

Yup. What George said. I know nothing about sewing, but I know Pfaff is one of the best.
Just do 2 squares when you get it back?

At least you'll be able to keep up with your mending! :o)