Thursday, January 17, 2013

Free Reading Material

Here is my super frugal post of the month-
Free Reading Material

In one day I collected 9 free publications.  Actually there were more but these were the ones I was interested in.  You can see some gardening magazines, some municipality news, restaurant reviews, recipes, society news, things to do and "green" magazines.  

Since we don't get into town very often, these magazines give us a little peek into what's going on 
or where we can find products not available in our area. 

All Free.
All can be either recycled, repurposed or composted.
And I didn't even buy a thing.
Except for some garden seeds- how could I pass those up?


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

That's great! I got some 10 cent magazines at my town library yesterday. People donate mags and the library culls older issues once a month. Being the New Year, I a lot of people are decluttering and donate their magazines to the library (at least in my town).

Powell River Books said...

We have one free local magazine that is published monthly and several pamphlet style publications. I love to read them to see what is going on. Plus, if you go to the newspaper office on Saturday, you can get a free newspaper that includes the weekly calendar of events plus all the store ads. I have a Kindle and there are lots of free books available including every type of genre. - Margy

Manny said...

Free is always good!