Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm A Chicken On the Road

I'm a chicken when it comes to driving on snow and ice.
I've taken back my Jeep these past two days  because,
 while in town the roadways are beautiful and clear, 
they sure aren't here!
My husband can get my Focus up and down the hill.
But not me.
I'm a chicken.

Any plowing is done by the people who live here
and we only salt the steep hill which leads to the county road.
But the salt didn't do so well this year and the hill was icy.
After a couple of days, it's now pretty clear going down
until you get to the end where there are icy patches.
Up here it's still snow/ice packed.
And  my driveway is on a  pretty good slope-
we're at the top of the ridge.

I back down our long drive- over culverts and around trees,
 because there's nowhere to turn around in the morning, 
in the dark.
 I know I'll slide and end up tumbling down the back side of the drive,
down the slope and crashing into trees.
No doubt about it.

So, being the chicken that I am, I have taken the Jeep to work
because I don't want to go up and down in my car.
The husband says, " Don't worry, you'll only slide at the very bottom of the hill."
(Right, don't worry)
"The county road is clear, you'll come to a stop when you slide onto it."
(Great, how comforting)

Maybe tomorrow I'll take the car.
Maybe not.
I love my Jeep.


Faith said...

mee too...I'm a chicken also..I don't like driving in the snow. We live in the city and the main roads are usually clear, but the side roads its days before they plow them, and our driveway is on a slight incline and you need some getty up to get up in the wintertime to get through what isn't plowed. My husbands keeps the driveway clear. I don't like this part of winter. Ah...but we are moving ever closer to spring arn't we?

Kristi said...

Given the situation, I think I'd vote for the Jeep, too. Stay safe!

Gorges Smythe said...

Maybe you should back UP the hill.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Oh no!!!!!!! (cluck, cluck) Our hill is about 1/4 mile and makes turns. I'd be over the imaginary center line when someone would come down and we'd end up in the deep ditches or tree line! Especially one of our neighbor's kids who thinks it's some sort of Grand Prix. Up my drive would include winding around construction vehicles, campers and trees. I think we should just ban snow and ice!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

I don't like driving in the ice and snow either! Now that we live in the country, it's hard to get out to the city when we get snow. I always make my husband drive when it's snowy and he happily obliges. Guess the thought of my driving in the snow scares him haha!

Candy C. said...

The Jeep sounds like a very good choice in all that snow and ice! I'd for SURE be making a spot to turn around at the top so I didn't have to back down!! Yikes!!

Manny said...

I wouldn't say I'm chicken on snow, but I do realize there are added risks and only drive if necessary. Four wheel drive helps but I've heard it also gives a false sense of security. It's certainly better two wheel drive but it's still higher risk than a clear road.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Definitely; however, my Jeep has low range so if I put in in 1 (one) and 4-low, it will creep down the icy hill all by itself. You cannot touch the brake at all. It inches, super slow. If all the roads, or the 10 miles of county roads, are that bad, I don't go out or turn around and come home. You can't drive normally on ice/snow in 4WD, that's the mistake more inexperienced 4WD drivers make, thinking they can move at regular speed, pass and swing in and out of lanes. Sometimes it's the other guy- most times it's the other guy, I worry about.