Sunday, November 18, 2012

Table Runner - Snowmen Under Construction

It'll be a Merry Christmas with this little table runner, 
coupled with some retro lounge music and a nice beverage!
I've pieced it so it's time to select the backing 
and see what I can do about quilting.

I started with some simple strips
constructed from fat quarters.
Not all had selvages but I believe they are by
Lazy Daisy- I found a link here so you
can see The Collection 

Some started with the white/red print
others with the green first
Then you cut them in 2 1/2 inch pieces
so each column has both colors.
You'll have some left over too.

Then you flank the snowman print with two rows of  multi colored squares.
At that point you can have 2 place mats.
add one more row of white/green in between the two mats for a runner.
I needed my runner to be longer so I added dot material in the center.

I always have a centerpiece and that would hide the center of my runner.
I've got some table cloths that will coordinate with this 
in the dining room.

So you have the "mat" portion on each side of the dots.

That way I won't lose my center.

I can place a centerpiece right here.

You can see how it would look as a place mat too
if you had only a center with the strips on each side.

Then I'll bind it with this red/white dot
after I select my backing
and quilting design.

My pattern was called Checkered Past,  image here.
This photo is not the pattern but I as I was cutting and placing pieces aside, 
I thought how pretty it might be with the novelty print on point
surrounded by stripes and dots in the corners.
I'm not good enough to make up this pattern but 
I think it would make a nice table topper.
I better get busy, time is running short!

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Michelle said...

That is so cute. I need to get busy and make us some.

Cheryl said...

You make me want to go to my girl cave and sew.

Candy C. said...

This is so cute! I like how you added the dot material in the center to make it longer! :)

Unknown said...

pretty cool all around. If only I had a table!

Garrett @ The Growing Patch