Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mementos - Saving the Family Furniture

There is no telling when you will find the sweetest things, 
mementos tucked away for decades in the back of a drawer.
My husband discovered these as he started to refinish the furniture
we brought back from my grandmother's old house.  

These pretty little Valentines for the Teacher 
must have been given to my aunt years ago by her favorite pupils.

And two purses:  little leather bear and what appears to be an Indian rider 
on the Nisswa, MN coin purse.

 A tin containing a Templeman (family  name)  beaded bracelet, 
a small metal heart, and other trinkets.

A plastic ring box and reed for a flute (????)

An old prescription bottle for 
Motion Sickness still filled with medication
and an unspecified remedy, both most likely from
from my grandfather's old Rexall pharmacy.

A baby announcement and the inside of the ring box.

A church bulletin from June 19, 1955
The First Christian Church in Trenton, MO.
not too far from her home in Bethany, MO
Funny, June 19th  is my birthday but this is four years earlier.
What a coincidence.

The bulletin cover.

Inside it reads
The Organ Prelude is a Veil dropped between every day life and the Sanctuary.  In crossing the threshold  the music should separate the world without from the world within.  If you must whisper, let it be into the ear of your Heavenly Father.

How I love to discover these treasures from the past.

I'll be posting on the furniture refinishing in the coming days.  
I'm pretty excited to finally get this furniture back into working order.
There's nothing new and modern that can take the place.


Michelle said...

Its great when you find treasures like that.

Gorges Smythe said...

I used to have a lot of non-valuable family keepsakes, but I had no-one to pass them on to, so I finally sold most of them. Too much stuff to save, too little space to save it. Hated that.

Katie said...

The little bracelet is a hospital bracelet for baby... pink for girls and blue for boys.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I love it. My grandmother kept everything- even very strange things, and I think I have become the guardian of them. I always loved the little things the best.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

That's the bad side of loving the keepsakes. I seem to be the keeper of the "stuff" that the rest of the family didn't want. My son isn't interested. My daughter is but her place is so small she can't take the family things I want to give her now. Someday we'll have to make some big choices, or have no choice but to dispose of them. It's sad but at least for awhile we get to enjoy them.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

How sweet! Today you would never see beads for infants, would you. I'll make sure to keep this somewhere special. Thanks.

Candy C. said...

How cool that you discovered these treasures! I wonder who the baby bracelet was for?

Our Neck of the Woods said...

How cool! Those truly are treasures. I love the valentines!