Saturday, November 17, 2012

Erecting the Antenna - Ham Radio

The Mast
The antenna is connected here. 
The radio signal goes into the copper wire.
The black thick line is called a ladder line.
It carries the signal from the antenna to the radio.
It sits on top of the mast which will be 50 ft in the air,
Currently it is only half that height since I can't hold it by myself.
Wire ties hold it in place so it won't flap around in the breeze.
In super simple terms, this will connect to a balun, to a coax cable and then to the radio.

We laid the mast down, attached the guy lines to hold it in place
then we stood it up and I held it in place while he prepared the lines.
  The guy lines are stretched out about 50-60 ft. This is temporary.  
As the mast gets taller, the lines don't have to be spread out so far.

Carrying equipment.

An idea of the current height.
You may have to click to enlarge the photo.

Guy lines.

Stretching out the lines.

The house sits up high, about 10-12 ft lower than the basement floor.
The roof is about 40 feet from the ground so 
when the antenna eventually reaches 50 ft
you won't be able to see it above the roof line.

Antenna and guy lines attached.
The antenna lines are the two attached to the 
black line, the guy lines are the three others.

Tying off the antenna lines.
They also require guy lines because you can't tie
them directly to a tree.

The ceramic  insulator gives you something
to tie to that is non-conductive.

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Our Neck of the Woods said...

Interesting! Looks like you made good progress. My grandpa used to love his ham radio.