Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's Chicken Time- Buff Orpingtons

My husband took off for the farm supply store just to get a few hardware items.  As he was leaving I said, "Why not take Taylor in case they have chicks."  Well, he wasn't planning on getting them this trip, anyway, they didn't have any last time he checked.

Pretty soon I get a phone call- can you clean out the tub in the back yard?  I just picked up 12 buff orpingtons!

Oh no!  Taylor missed her chance; however, we got to hold the chick boxes while Pops prepared their new temporary home.  They are now peeping away in the downstairs hallway.  It was supposed to be part of the garage, for storage, but we changed the plans to make it a bathroom, closet and a large space for the deep freeze along with storage shelves for larger pots/pans/cookbooks, etc.  A much better use for the space.  

Pretty soon they will be out of the house and into the coop.  We may  make some modifications because the existing birds are old and might just get a little cranky.  

In the past we have just used them for eggs.  When Taylor told one it was so cute she could just "eat her up" I mentioned that it might just happen.  These are dual purpose birds so one never knows.


Candy C. said...

I LOVE my Buffies! They are definitely a dual purpose breed as they are very large chickens. Your peepers are cute and Taylor looks like she is really enjoying them! :)

Michelle said...

It nice to know I am not the only one who can't walk by chicks with out buying them.

Manny said...

They are so cute. Now I feel guilty eating chicken.

CrankyPuppy said...

Oh, they are so adorable, Kathy! I'm so jealous. I had to go to Tractor Supply last weekend just so I could get a dose of fluffy cuteness. Unfortunately, my girls have grown up and I don't have any more room for new chicks. Hope you enjoy them...they grow up so fast!