Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fruit and Yogurt Bowl - (A little healthier than the last post)

OK, ok, so the last post on Swiss Chips may not have been the ideal nutritious snack idea I've ever had, but admittedly so! (LOL) To balance it out, here is something on the more healthy side. A fruit and yogurt bowl based on the snacks my company provides when we have a headquarters meeting in our rally room each quarter. This is delicious. They do offer a wider variety of fillings and toppings than I have pictured here.

I started with Dannon All Natural vanilla yogurt. I'm not a fan of the thick Greek yogurt, not a taste thing, more based on texture. I even like runny milkshakes. Our cafeteria uses Dannon vanilla so that's what I picked up too.

My favorite filling is blueberry but at work I also mix in grapes and strawberries- so pretty together; however, my personal budget isn't that generous so for the winter months I have to rely on store bought produce which is expensive. I won't pay $6 for a small tub of fresh blueberries so I opted for a bag of seedless red grapes and a bag of frozen blueberries.

I can load up the bowl with yogurt and grapes plus the blueberries keep everything nicely chilled until they thaw. Just perfect timing to make coffee and grab a sausage patty that my husband made from the pork we processed ourselves. The pork is very lean so it's not laden with fatty bad stuff. He made sure to clean the skin off the fat and made sure no hard, nasty things went into it (I'm picky like that). This morning he mixed it with rosemary, sage, thyme, minced onions, garlic and a little cajun seasoning. Then I sat down and enjoyed a nice breakfast.



Missy Shay said...

My favorite is either homemade raw yogurt or Fage greek yogurt with granola or dried strawberries with pecans, and honey of course!

Andrew McAllister said...

I prefer to think of the iffier snacks as health fool -- MENTAL health food! :o)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I'd love to add granola and crunchy nuts but I have bouts of diverticulitis and have to restrict any seeds and nuts unless they are ground to powder! And I love seeds and nuts. Oh well, offer it up for the poor souls and carry on.

Thanks for commenting.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

lol! I hopped over to your blog and read about the poor college kid. My advice . . . never date any type of person you wouldn't consider marrying. I met my husband when I was in 2nd grade and we dated from the time I was 14. We married after I graduated from college and we'll celebrate our 30th this year. You just never know how things will turn out.

Candy C. said...

I had homemade vanilla goat milk yogurt with frozen blueberries, home canned peaches and homemade granola for breakfast this morning! Yummy, yum, yum!
Yep, I would say this is just a tad bit healthier than the Swiss Chips! LOL!!

LindaG said...

Definitely looks yummy! :-)

Helen @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

LOVE dannon yogurt!!

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