Monday, March 19, 2012

I finally have some sprouts!

I finally have some sprouts! These are radishes peeking out of our little side garden. They grew really well there last year although I switched their position. I am certain more will spring up in the next few days if the heavy rains don't wash everyone away! We have flash flood warnings Wednesday-Friday. We're up on a ridge top so it won't flood us, but our creeks might go over the road as they do every few years. Hopefully I'll shortly be thinning seedlings.

This might be my spinach, but I'm not certain. I have several blades that grew over the last 24-48 hours and they are all in a row, soooooo. Maybe? Time will tell.

No sign of the kale, peas or the lettuce yet but temperatures jumped up to the 80s- mid 80s or better plus the humidity is bad. This spring has been warm and now will be wet.

I hope the cool weather crops will grow and not just bolt like they all did last year. We had a cold, wet spring in 2011, no nice transition from winter to summer. Some things didn't do well, in fact even the best tomato growers were struggling with green tomatoes. What chance did we have? Finally everything worked out and we ended up with quite a few but they were much smaller than normal.

Spot the Cat is not a happy kitty today. The wind has him very jumpy, being an outside cat from a batch of our strays. Everyone else (cats that is) seems to be very happy lounging on the courtyard and porch chairs watching the birds pick off their left over cat food nuggets.


LindaG said...

Good luck with your veggies and the weather!

Michelle said...

Poor Spot. I also have a cat that hates the wind.

3rnigerians said...

Your sprouts look fabulous and those spinach suspects look just like my spinach starts indoors. I hope flash floods miss you. Thanks for sharing. The first sprouts are always exciting.

Candy C. said...

I'm with Spot, I hate the wind too!
Love all your little sprouts! That very well could be your spinach, I know I always think it's just grass coming up until I notice it's in a row! :)