Monday, January 4, 2016

The Water Finally Went Down

I am not sure anymore what day the waters covered the roads
and flooded our area, but we spent a lot of quality time with 
each other at home between Christmas and January 1.
With the flash floods that covered our county roads and the 
historic flooding once the 10-12 inches of rain settled in
submerging our highways for days and days, we were cut off from town.
I had a few days vacation left so it was not a problem for me, 
although I can work from home if the weather is bad.

This is a video of the county road we use to get to town.  This is shared with the Public so I don't think you have to have a Facebook Account to see it.  Click Here.  

You can also see Eureka, where we lived before Robertsville.  Click Here   The water came close in past floods but it did reach the homes at the end of our old street this time.

It will be months before everything is back to normal.  It won't surprise me if some businesses close for good, the flood levels were so much higher than anticipated some people did not get out and then found out at the last minute that the river was going to rise higher.

We sure got a lot accomplished at home.  I sent Taylor back home to her mother in case we lost power (which means we also lose water which equals toilets!).  My mom did not visit at Christmas this year, thankfully, or she would have been stuck up here with us, the cats and chickens!  Instead, it was just the two of us and we tackled some of those big cleaning jobs that need to be done.  I organized our walk in closet, set aside clothes for donation, cleaned and organized the basement so we can get to the exercise equipment easier, set up a table and chairs by the pool table and got our food storage organized.  I tacked all the kitchen cabinets and hall closet.  Tom reorganized the garage/work shop too, a huge undertaking!!!

My brother and sister in law live next door so we were not without company.  We could travel about 2-3 miles before running into water, as long as we were not in flash flood, so we spent New Years with friends up the road, barely making it to midnight.  We're oh, so old now!!!  Finally the road opened up Friday and we could get out to do some shopping- really just to take a drive and get out for a bit.  We still could not go East but West worked for us.

The roads are almost all open now and I'm back at work.  The weather guys here say that we could get more flooding in the Spring if we get heavy rains so keep your fingers crossed that we don't!

Highway photo credit here   (That is the intersection I need to use to get to work).


Gorges Smythe said...

I'm just glad you all were safe there!

Lady Locust said...

Wow! Glad you were/are on high ground and that you didn't try to travel. That picture says a lot.

LindaG said...

Just thankful you are all safe. Glad things are back to normal. God bless.

Harry Flashman said...

Good thing you had enough supplies. We had a lot of damage here in North Georgia. Some people who foolishly built right down on the river got flooded, but most of those houses were second homes owned by Atlanta people.

Still lots of cleaning up to do here, trees down and branches all over the place.

Glad you made out ok.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We have a lot of people who build on the rivers. They get used to getting flooded. FEMA bought out a lot of the houses in Pacific but it was not mandatory that you sell so you see a house and vacant lots and then a house, etc. At some point it would have to be cheaper to buy them all out and turn the area into something that would attract visitors- a park, outdoor amphitheater along the river (concrete), anything that can take flooding.

Manny said...

As far as I can tell, it's hardly being covered in the news around here. My prayers to you and your neighbors. At least you're all safe and sound.

Powell River Books said...

So much flooding. We are in Los Angeles and the heavy rain yesterday made rivers of muddy water run down hilly streets to storm drains. There was some flooding, but nothing like yours. - Margy

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

that is ridiculous!
So glad you were able to keep yourself busy all those days, that you had some vacation time available, and...that you were prepared and calm!
Hope those waters keep receding. Y'all stay safe.