Saturday, December 26, 2015

Record Flooding

The rains started last night and we knew flooding would follow.
It it going to be a record flood for us, parts of the closest real town 
will be underwater before it is over and if the situation is the same
as in 2008, we'll be blocked on the other side too.  The house will be fine,
we're on a ridge top but the roads around us will be under.
And here we have our granddaughter, Taylor, with us
and the power is blinking
and we have a well.
No Power, No water, No toilets!!!

Except, I filled up the deep claw foot tub with water to flush with
and we have a couple of large water coolers (construction site size)
for drinking. We ran to the gas station during a lull and got fuel
for the generator and milk and the required beer for the hubby!

The county road was just about to go under when we were out,
one lane flooded in some places, both lanes but shallow in others.
When my husband went down to check out situation later, it 
was under. The next county road borders a creek and it
was under too.  There is a low water bridge there that we
use to judge how much rain we have had.  You always turn
your head to look, even on nice days. 

Our neighbor's place- down on the county road.
There is a deep culvert here with huge pipes.
They lost the drive last year, as did the neighbor to their
right.  This one is holding although under water now but the
other drive is lost again. They may be able to go across
the grass and use this drive once the water recedes, 
as long as this holds too.  The heaviest rain is yet to arrive and 
won't stop until Monday night.

The ground was already saturated before the rains .
This is the driveway across from our road,
they have a creek that goes through their place
and it's normally shallow but way over its banks now.

This is their creek today.

This is the run of from the small lake/pond along
the county road.  Our lake will likely go over the spillway which will put
even more water down the road.  There are some people
that will be building just below the dam (something 
I would not do).  They have a metal shed down actually below the dam.
They seem to be staying in it, not sure if all the time 
or just from time to time; however,
I would not want to be in it with this water so high.
When the previous owners lived there water took out
that area and the driveway.  The house, which was higher
up the hillside burned down
(when he set it on fire after trying to shoot his wife!!)
Yeah, glad they are not there anymore.

This is their place.  The water rose a lot.
My husband said it went down but with 
the heaviest rain the next two days, it 
will get right back up again.

This is the water coming down our
culvert onto the main road, really
coming down fast.

We will be fine up here but we keep losing power 
for short periods of time.  I have flash lights ready
plus an Energizer flash light that plugs into the wall
and turns on like a night light if the power goes out.
The light will stay on for a good bit of time so you are
able to navigate.  It is always plugged in so always charged.
I hope we can get Taylor to her mom tomorrow, it's not fun
for her to be trapped here if we lose power, especially on
winter break when she could be having some fun with her mom.

Warning from the City of Pacific Police Dept.
Pacific Residents and those living around the Meramec River. With the latest expected rainfall totals we are projected to see the Meramec River rise above flood levels that could affect the southeast corner of town like in 2008. If you or someone you know live near the Meramec River within the southeast corner of town please use caution and keep watch of the river at all times. Last time we reached these levels 20-30 homes were affected, some of those were bought out by FEMA and have been torn down, some of them were raised to stay dry at this level. Just exercise caution as flood waters can rise quickly. We are expected to crest on Dec 30th at 6 pm we will see roads (Hwy N, Hwy F/O, Denton, Jefferson and possibly Rt 66 near east end plaza) close temporarily until the water recedes.The water is supposed to recede between Dec 

31st and Jan 1st. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH FLOOD WATER! Stay tuned to your local news stations for any further developments and we will keep you updated via social media.


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

We are currently under flash flood warnings...
we been under Tornado warnings and watches all day.
Up near Dallas, 5 have perished in the Storms ... and some are missing.
It's been a crazy weather snap for sure.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

... oops... that went too soon.
Yall be safe... T.A.D.D.
Turn Around Don't Drown

Gorges Smythe said...

So far, our streams aren't out of bank. I hope it stays that way.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

If only you can keep some power going you will not have a bad time sitting high and dry. We haven't had flooding but it is real muddy as I don't think the ground has really dried since October just after I got the garden plowed. Hard to believe it is almost new years.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

This is from my husband
I was just looking at the stats on river levels around here. They are now calling for a crest of 29.4 feet on the Meramec River at Pacific. That would make this the second biggest flood on record, surpassed only by the cataclysmic flood of 1982, but only by four feet. With the amount of rain still on the way I won't be surprised if this prediction isn't ramped up a bit.
The flood of 1982 is the flood that destroyed Times Beach and shut down Interstate 44. It was incredible. Yesterday was the wettest December day on record for this area and they are still predicting another 2-4, possibly as much as 6 inches.
So, it looks like we'll be trapped up here on the high ground for the next week or so. There won't be any way around a flood like this. The topography around here is the topography of the Ozarks, with steep hills and deep valleys, generally with a creek or river at the bottom. Those will mostly be flooded.

This is Kathy - now we are supposed to have winds too which means it is likely our power will go with all the trees that could fall. And the repair crews won't be able to get to us with the flooding.

LindaG said...

I will keep you in my prayers.
We have stupid people here who build in flood release areas.
It was just earlier this year the Red River flooded a good bit of Shreveport and other towns along the river.

There are ways to run wells off a generator. You may want to research that for the future. We have well water, too, and I asked the hubby about it and he said yes.

IF you can afford it (about $3000), there are solar pumps.

In the meantime I will be thinking of you and praying for you all.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thank you. They just upped our flood levels too. We have researched the well and know we can rig it up to the generator too but solar sounds good, if I had an extra $3k. That would be ideal. They build in flood plains here too because it's cheap and then they get flood insurance afterwards and it goes on and on. Might be cheaper to buy them out and not let anyone build there or build at your own risk.

Powell River Books said...

We are lucky that our cabin floats up and down as needed based on the lake level, and the boat can get us to town as long as the wind isn't too strong. Living off the grid we are pretty well set to live without outside contact for a month or more (we boil our water for drinking) and the toilet composts. Our town is built on a natural rise from sea level, but landslides of mud and trees are a problem in some areas if we get a really heavy rain. - Margy

Michelle said...

Stay safe will say a prayer for you. Do you have oil lamps? they work great when the powers out.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Yes, we have an antique floor oil lamp that we have new wicks and lanterns for, it is great and lights up the whole room. We also have Coleman lanterns, battery operated lantern and of course candles. It's been OK so far, we've gotten a lot done around the house and will be able to get together with neighbors for new year's eve- although I'd be surprised if we make it to midnight, we rarely ever do.

Manny said...

Goodness Kathy. I hope everything is holding up. I keep hearing in the news about the floods in your state and I keep wondering about you and your family. You guys are survivors, but still praying for you.