Monday, December 14, 2015

Taylor's New Old Bike

Taylor has a great new-old bike!  How pretty is this?
A friend of ours (from elementary school) came into town
to help his parents clean out the garage and other things.  He
contacted us and asked if we could come over because there 
were some really interesting things that he wanted to know
if Tom would like to restore.  One of them was this great
old bike that had been his sister's.  It still had the receipt and
full instructions with it.  The receipt looks to be dated 1987.

This was a super way for Taylor to have a new bike
and to learn to work on one.  It was an unusually warm 
weekend so Taylor washed and dried it.

My husband purchased the tires, brake pads, etc. 
and they set up shop in the garage.  Pretty soon it
was looking brand new again and it was time to ride.

But it's dark!
No fear, Tom hopped on his 4-wheeler and
followed Taylor down our gravel road!
We're a dead end road on a ridge top
with only about 6 houses on the road,
 all either family or friends of ours.

She'll need some practice on a 10 speed,
she really hasn't had much bike experience
so even starting and stopping are challenging for her.
We'll take her to the state park where it is paved
and let her practice then she'll be ready to 
ride the bike trails with us when the weather improves.



Manny said...

Nice work. I have a similar bike in the basement that needs to be restored. I should do the same.

Gorges Smythe said...

It's probably better than you'd buy now anyway.

Lady Locust said...

That is fabulous! Also, the fact that she helped work on it will make it more meaningful to her. She'll soon be cruising all over on it:)


Well you all have inspired me to fix up that rusty ole bike leaning on my shed outside! I looked at it the other day and thought I might have to take it to the dump but now I've changed my mind..
She did a good job I like her bike!

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

1967? Are you sure? I don't remember ever seeing a 10-speed that far back. Not till the early 70s. It might be a rare bike.

LindaG said...

And now she will know how to fix it, should she need to. Wonderful. Congratulations. :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

The receipt is to light. It looks like a "6" but could be something else- maybe 87

KC in Vegas said...

1987 sounds too recent, my sister graduated from Parkway Central in 1985 and she had a car that her and my brother shared for about 3 years before that, she turned 16 in 1982 and really never came back to St. Louis from Boston for more than a few days, where she went to college and worked for a few years. Glad Taylor will get lots of enjoyment out of it and always remember that her grandparents worked on it with her to restore it, such great memories as she gets older!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I thought it sounded too recent too but 1987 is on the paperwork in the instruction bag, it was a print off like a receipt. I"ll look again.