Monday, January 11, 2016

The Cabinet and the Closet

The house is almost back to normal, almost because
in cleaning out the very deep closet in the girl cave
we made more of a mess than we originally had!

I am going to refinish this old cabinet which used
to be my husband's grandmother's.  My daughter had
it in her room for years as she was going through her teen
years- can you tell???  Then it sat in our basement filled
with my husband's old tools.  I thought I would clean it up 
and store my quilting books and some patterns in it 

First I had to take photos so someday I could
tease my daughter about her old flames.
Although you might not be able to read it 
she also loved Kid Rock.  Now I will 
have to paint it and put new liner paper 
on the shelves.  I picked up a couple of
different paint colors from the recycling center.
Anything less than a gallon is free!  You have to 
pay to dispose of the paint cans but if you
want it, it's free.  For full gallons it is $6.
If you like the colors they have it's a good price.

I am not sure how to handle this.
It's drawn on with puff paint (by my daughter).
Do I try to sand it off or cover it with paint so
it will be a reminder of her art work?
It does not wash off.

Then, when I went searching in her old closet for an old doll
I discovered she had stacked every stuffed animal both she and
her daughter has owned into the closet.  I swear, there had to 
be thousands of them (well, may not thousands but LOTS).
They had to be three feet tall and even deeper.
I have temporarily stored them in full sized trash bags so she 
can go through them and pick out the best ones to keep.
Then I folded all the clothes and boxed up anything else.
This is just one of the closets!

We have boxes and bags all up the hallway 
and the room is still so full you have to watch where you step.
I was able to put my spare sewing machines in one of the closets
plus my two rolly bins of fabric that were in the middle of 
the room, now protected from light and not in the way.
There are also two giant tubs of family photos in the back.

Tonight I have to get it all put away and stored in Taylor's room
so they can come over and go through everything.  I guess I will 
have to do the second closet tonight as well, no sense in making
two trips.  We've had cleaned the basement and closets while
we were flooded in and those trash bags are still stacked up.
We'll probably get a small dumpster brought up as soon as one is
available.  The trash guys have a lot of them in town to pick up
the flood debris that homes and businesses are piling up at the
curb to be hauled away.  I don't know if there are spares anywhere.

More on this later as I start updating the cabinet.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

My wife got in a cleaning frenzy yesterday and a big bag of good stuff went to the dump. Must be pre-spring cleaning.

Lady Locust said...

That is too funny. My daughter's closet looked strikingly similar only not green:) The puff paint should come off with a razor. It actually peeled off once I got an edge under it. Looks like a great little cabinet/closet for quilting items - will be curious to see how it turns out.

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the cabinet finished!! Sounds like you have been very busy!! Have a great week!


I love the cabinet and see your dilemma with her painting. Sentimental. I don't know what I'd do...If you paint over I would take a photo of it for sure to frame and save...heck I don't know..Let us know what you decide to do for the rest of us to sentimental to change anything..

Harry Flashman said...

That would make a great ammo cabinet. My wife has one in her room I want, but she puts jewelry and things like that in it.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Easy solution- buy your wife one of those jewelry stand up cabinets for her birthday and offer to take the old cabinet away! Hope it works for you.

Michelle said...

I cleaned out our hall closet and found things I thought I had lost years ago. Tells you how long I have had that black hole in my closet. LOl

Powell River Books said...

When we moved in 2008 we gave and threw away so much stuff. I hated to let some of it go, but you can only pack and move so much. - Margy