Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bird's Story- A photo book

 Bird- My Shutterfly Photo Book

 Bird was our special needs chick, discovered at a 
farm supply store, blind, deformed and unable to eat or drink
as she tried to compete with the other hatchlings.
I took her home and raised her during her short six months.
Many of you followed her journey as our house chicken
and know how very special she was.

You can follow her story in brief at the link below.
Be sure to choose Full Screen to read the text 
more easily.  I hope you enjoy her.

Shutterfly has some great offers.
Right now there are 50 free prints for new customers.  
I also received 50% off the photobook but it may have 
expired, sign up and look through because you will have
other offers.  I just received a coupon for another photo 
book through Shutterfly free- I pay only tax and shipping
so I have book two on the say.

I hope you enjoy Bird's story.
I'm so happy I now have her story in print!


Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I remember Bird's story... and I saw the offer from shutter fly too..
So glad you were able to get Bird's story in print.
This will be something your family will cherish for years to come.

Manny said...

Ah, that chick was special. God bless.