Friday, September 5, 2014

Ah Ha!! Caught Him!

I KNEW it!
See what I discovered when I unexpectedly opened the garage door?

My husband had run up to the farm supply store.
He thought I was too sick, sleeping in the recliner recovering
from this bug that I caught.

But he was wrong.

The TRACTOR was in the garage.
See the car thrown out into the elements,
the one out baking in the 95+ degree weather?
That is my car. The car that lives in the GARAGE.

Now I know what happens when I leave for work.
He brings Tractor into the garage where it is 
lovingly cared for and rests in comfort.
He probably redirects the A/C vents to keep it nice and cool.
Then I would image about 30 minutes before I am due home,
he likely drives it back to the tent shed as if nothing
ever happened!

 The man does love his tractor!

Really, he was making some repairs. He had to weld up
a bracket that had broken from the previous owner's repair
to the thingy you step on to get on the tractor.  (Yes, I know,
I'm pretty technical when it comes to tractor parts.)
He welded, he painted and his baby was better than before.


Harry Flashman said...

I wish I had a tractor to take care of. If only my land was just a little less steep. ;-)


Love it! I shared on FB and so did Savannah Attics...cute post as always enjoyed Kathy!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

That tractor has seniority, tell your car to get over it!

Manny said...

Never get between a man and his vehicles. :-P

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

What happens at home when your between him, the chickens, and his tractor!