Saturday, July 19, 2014

Eggsactly What is Going On?

Now I know my chicks love me!
I received pretty little presents from them 
since I've been tending to them while my husband
is recuperating from knee surgery.

When I go down to the coop, I bring treats!!
Green leafy treats, juicy squashy treats, 
sometimes growing in the wild kind of treats
  which they find the yummiest.

Normally I have all brown eggs since we migrated to Buffs.
There is an old Araucana but she is pretty old.
We have two cross breeds though so I think the blue is
coming out on occasion, none of them is a youngster.

Then, out of the blue
(excuse the pun)
they presented me with a tiny brown egg.
Cute and adorable to say the least,
but we'd need about 20 to make a decent omelet!

My husband says I've spoiled them.
He tried to put the chicks up before we went
to our friend's house last night; however, when
they heard someone approaching, they all ran out
to see what treats may be headed their way.
 We had to leave them out and he tracked back 
later to lock up their coop.  We're pretty secure
but you don't like to take chances, especially
with the new fox that has appeared in the yard.

See!  Here they are.
"What did you bring us today?"

( We don't wash our eggs until we are ready to use them
unless they are horribly dirty.)



Pretty eggs! I get surprises too Kathy. It is getting so I can't tell who laid what...Like you I don't wash my eggs either unless absolutely have too. Pretty chickens you have girl.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Once in a while we get a tiny robin egg size brown egg from an old hen. The colors vary some as well but no blue ones. Some times large malformed ones. Probably just an age thing.

Gorges Smythe said...

Nice batch of hen-fruit!

Harry Flashman said...

Those are nice looking eggs. The eggs I get from my chickens are a ceramic white color. Good looking chickens,too. I tried keeping mine in a chicken pen the first year or so but in the end we wound up going free range.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

My chickens have been naughty and laying their eggs in the car park hedge!
I've got to get them back to their boxes... might have to keep them pinned and no free-ranging for a day or so. :/
Like the look of your spoiled little chicks and their eggs.
We just dust our off now washing until ready to use, too.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I just found your comment or I would have been by sooner. It looks like you have a nice group of gals there. You're getting a lot more eggs than I am. Have a great week!