Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Around and About

The bumble rested on the bee balm as I leaned in close 
to snap his photo.  Completely unconcerned, he lounged
a while longer until something of greater interest caught his eye.
They amaze me, sometimes buzzing at head level while we 
garden as if they were just a bit curious about us. 

There was a tremendous mushroom that appeared overnite
and was gone just as quickly.

Until last night our heavy Spring rains had let up
so now we have to water every couple of days.
My husband says we need a few days in the 90's to 
make the tomatoes happy.  

We have the first of our Cherokee Purple tomatoes,
an heirloom that tastes like a tomato used to
but they have little to no shelf life.  You either eat, 
can or dehydrate them if you want to have some over the winter.
The squash has been great.
Grilled squash marinated in Italian dressing.
Grilled squash seasoned with Montreal Steak seasoning.
Squash "potato" pancakes with Italian breadcrumbs and pepper.
I want to try the squash puppies next! 

My husband wasted no time in making a sandwich
out of our harvest.  Our eggs, our peppers and tomatoes.
He had to rely on the store for the cheese and bread.

I finally have the DECK for the COOP !!!!!
It's still a little step up, more than my 5'2", 
old, creaky legged body wants to manage at 4 AM,
but such an improvement!  I used an old tool box as 
a step stool until the plastic lid caved in.  I haven't been able
to get in since and now it's a breeze!
He even changed the door knob and added a hose
with a spray head to make cleaning and watering easier.

We had a nice 4th holiday, celebrating with neighbors
and our granddaughter, Taylor.  The cooler temperatures
made it one of the coolest I can remember.  We even
put on light jackets once the sun went down! 


Harry Flashman said...

I am envious of the garden and the produce you get out of it. I have never really been interested in gardening until Pioneer Preppy said I couldn't grow one. Now I have to try, at least on a test basis. That food looks good. I love fresh vegetables.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Looking good, rain helps for sure. I built my coop so that I just open up a door on the back to remove eggs as I don't like getting in the coop, lots of bad air and dust in there.

LindaG said...

Congratulations on your garden! I didn't know heirlooms didn't store well. Or is it just the Cherokee Purple?

You are so lucky with those changes to your chicken coop. Enjoy!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I love making supper...be it a sandwich or what have you out of food made right here at home.
Hee-hee...about the bread and cheese!
I'd love to learn to make cheese-- but I'd have to buy the cow first!
I don't know much about cows except...how to take their picture from the other side of a fence.
Oh, and if you shake a bucket at them they'll follow, but you should probably have something in it for them to eat. They might not like it --if it were empty.

Michelle said...

I love grilled Zucchini. Never thought of using Italian dressing. What a great idea. Will be using it the next time we grill.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We're technically a subdivision although we all have acreage and there are only 19 lots. With that came restrictions allowing only a horse so when we first built the coop we had to disguise it as a tool shed. Several years later we have all agreed that you can do whatever you want as long as you don't bother anyone else. Now there's other lots that have chickens and one has a few goats. If I rebuilt it, it would be much different.