Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sitting in the Garden Chairs

After all the work is done, we sit together in the garden chairs.
We talk about the plants, the family, our plans and how sore we are
now that we're not young kids anymore. 

They were my brother in law's chairs before they moved
away for awhile, rescued from a job site along with a matching
round table.  They are a bit shabby and need a new coat of paint,
but don't we all by the time the highlight of our day is resting in the garden!


Harry Flashman said...

Everybody needs some chairs, and maybe a little table, out under the trees. I spend a lot of time at a small table on my porch, drinking coffee in the morning.

Your place is green like mine.

Gorges Smythe said...

Good place to be.

Lisa said...

My husband and I love to sit and watch our garden in the evening when the sprinklers come on. It's so soothing to the soul. I am right there with you friend!


LindaG said...


Have a wonderful afternoon. ♥