Thursday, May 22, 2014

Garden Decorations

I am a great fan of frogs 
(and you too, toads).
  I can't think of anything more relaxing than sitting
out on the porch on a summer night and listening to
all the croaks and shrill whistles flowing out from 
moist leaves or from the cracks between paver blocks.

 When the culvert fills up for a few days after a hard rain
I bring up the red Solo cups to scoop up their floating eggs
and redeposit them into our courtyard fountain or the garden pond.

I love lawn ornaments too,
scattering them around the courtyard gardens.

    Little frogs and a chicken candle holder from my mom.
A little bunny peeking under the stella d'oro 
Mary watching over all of us

The frog statue that my grandmother had on her porch
and that I took home to my garden when we were 
closing up her house.

A cow skull my husband brought home years ago
from a construction location
(that gets some strange looks from our city friends)

And the little girl that sits among the hostas,
a gift from my mother in law that matches one at her  house.

One of my cute windchimes. 

Last, but not least, my birdbath!

What's scattered about your garden?


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Horse manure is scattered around mine! LOL
I saw a huge tadpole over near where I took that bullfrog photo the other day, it was huge. I like frogs and there is one in the spring where I get my water.

Harry Flashman said...

i don't actually have a garden although I certainly like yours. I did order a ceramic funeral monument of a ferret for the spot on the mountain where my ferrets are layed to rest.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Your birdbaths are in much better condition than mine... Most of them, are more like pedestals now; for holding a potted plant!
I have my 'stacked pots' and a wheel barrel, I have little guys like your "frogs" and a fairy that is holding a bowl shaped like a flower. I add bird seed to it and to the LARGE MOUTH FROG... I also have dead appliances around my yard too...mostly all of them stainless, a toaster that needs some succulents added to it for the year, a coffee-pot (of course) and a tub from the washer, it is currently holding some zucchini vines!
To some it might look like Sanford and Sons-- but to me, it is a fully repurposed and unique yard!
Oh! I almost forgot... I have a couple of bottle trees, and a huge dragon fly made from spare parts of wood. Which reminds needs new paint.
the list goes on...
Pat :)


I love your fountain and yard ornaments...frogs well my grandson thinks I am so scared of them...but they are cute in your post.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Sunnybrook- I'd love to see your giant tadpoles!

Harry- I didn't know there were so many ferret items available. My daughter has always wanted one.

Patricia- LOL Sanford and Sons-don't look down behind our coop! We've got our stash place for those items we keep for "someday"

Dolly- thanks. Frogs- you need to kiss one occasionally, you never know when it's really a Prince! At least that's what I tell all the little girls in the family.

Cottage Tails said...

I'd sure love a real life frog pond. I'm not one for ornaments in or out of the home (maybe cause you have to dust or wash them??) But I do love my bird bath and bird feeders. My kids threaten to buy me a gnome statue they spook me.

Manny said...

I love all those things scattered in a garden too. It really makes for interesting touches. You can never go wrong with Saints and the Holy Virgin statues.