Monday, May 26, 2014

Closed, Really?

Is it just me, or does anyone else dislike this method
of closing pancake mix?
First, I about break my nails when I try to peel it.
Secondly,  I have almost no nails- they are cut very short,
almost nonexistent, so it's not a vanity thing .
I end up using a knife to pry it open and cut out the dotted lines.

And this is closed?
Why don't they put a resealable bag inside the box?
Not only would it protect the contents after it is open
but while it is in storage or transit.

Would it add that much to the cost as opposed to 
lessening frustration, keeping the contents fresh and not attracting bugs?


Sunnybrook Farm said...

We keep our mix in the freezer because of pantry moths,I think they hatch out of stuff like this. Anyway as long as you keep the directions you may as well dump the whole box in a zip lock bag and be done with it.

Harry Flashman said...

I keep old pickle jars, the big glass ones. When I open a package of something and there is too much for me to eat, I put the remainder in a pickle jar and stick a label on it.

Usually though, if there isn't enough left, I just cook it all and give what I can't eat to the dogs.

Michelle said...

I keep gallon zip lock bags on hand for packages like this. I use a black marker to write what it is and the directions on the bag.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I've had some of these same questions.
I like Michelle's idea..but usually, you know how I am..
I keep the wax bag from the inside of the cereal box (because I put my cereal in a Tupperware cereal box)
so I take the waffles or offending product out of the box and put them in a wax cereal bag with a twist-tie around it and toss it in the freezer!
Why? because zip lock bags ain't cheap, baby!
But yeah, the whole box container issue isn't an
"open and shut" case, is it?