Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blackberry and Elderberry Boxes

I have three new garden boxes for berry plants:
two thornless blackberries and one Elderberry.
I'm still looking for an Elderberry pollinator, Wyldwood,
 which is supposed to be the best match for my  Bob Gordon.
 I may have to break down and mail order them.

Tom cut the boards for me.  I was going to try but
I didn't realize it was this saw and I can't hold it one-handed.

I did start to screw the boxes together but for time's sake,
he took over and got all of the boxes completed in no time.
I have the three already mentioned planted.
There is a 4th for my fig tree and then another for his hops.
The fig is a Chicago fig and supposed to be OK for my zone.
He also made me a  4 x 4  raised flower bed.

We loaded them into his trailer 

and took them up to the garden with his tractor.

The dirt scoop came in handy.
  I mixed this dirt with peat moss and then planted
three of the boxes. The other two will wait for another day.

We used to have tons of blackberries lining the road until the 
developers sprayed them.  Now there are none.   
I decided to try the thornless variety to see how they did,
I remember going to work last year looking like I'd been in a cat fight
after a day of picking, and I picked most every day! 


Harry Flashman said...

I am consumed with envy everything I see your tractor.

You spend an impressive amount of time gardening and landscaping, and it certainly pays off. Your place looks great.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We're just old and boring so we hang out with each other at home and play with tractors, chickens and gardening. You haven't seen the junk pile of extra stuff we have hidden behind the coop since we have no barn! LOL