Monday, April 7, 2014

Web Worms

Spring has finally arrived and I thought things were going pretty well.
As I was taking some photos of my dwarf plumb I noticed something
was wrong, something really really wrong.
It's started.

There were web worms in three different places.
Some may know them at tent worms, I think they are the same.
Regardless, they multiply quickly and will eat every leaf 
off a bush or tree in a matter of a day or two.
They got my sand cherry a couple years ago so I'm very 
careful to watch for any signs of webbing.
This one surprised me, we've had nothing but bad, cold weather
so the hatching must have happened fast.

I'll attempt to avoid sprays so I scooped as many as I could off.
This won't be enough because I surely missed several.
Then I took them to the fire and plunged them in.
I 'll have to check every day to see how the tree is doing
and keep close eye out for my sand cherry.  It doesn't have
fruit but it's that pretty deep red color and makes a nice
accent against the white siding.


Melanie said...

How is that the nasty pests managed to survive this bitterly cold winter? Wasps have been a problem here already and I noticed that the mosquitos survived as well. Hope that you don't have any more problems with these pests and have gotten rid of them!

Harry Flashman said...

I think I would break down and get some pesticide. Those things look nasty!

Sunnybrook Farm said...

None here yet but I guess they are probably already hatching, nasty things.

Manny said...

Your trees are blooming? Ours must be so behind. I haven't noticed any trees budding. I guess I have noticed a few perennial flowers poking out of the ground. Yuck on those worms.