Monday, April 7, 2014

Rainy Days and Dentists- Owls Well Now

I thought I deserved a reward for a good dental visit,
believe me, it's a first.  No cavities and nothing needs pulling.
 I took a half day off since my appointment was at 1 PM;
however, the appointment before me canceled so I was able
to scoot in early.  After getting the All Clear from the dentist
I had some time to see what was happening in Eureka (MO).

We lost our quilt shop, she moved to a better location
but we still have Ben Franklin which has a wide variety of
fabrics on sale between now and Easter.
There are four tables, each with fabric priced accordingly, 
probably making its way over time to the $3.99 table - which can be
a great find if there is anything you are interested in.

I spotted the Owl.
Not a Spotted Owl, but a whimsical childlike pattern
with all the colors I love.  It's Honeycrisp from Dear Stella 
and I found some coordinating fabric - you can see the selection on the link.  
I did not choose the dark brown although they had it, it was just too dark.
I did pick up some houses by Dear Stella although not part 
of this particular collections.  It was all on sale for under $6/yard.
I will probably make another Wickedly Easy patch quilt 
that only requires a fat quarter of each fabric 
so I'll have plenty left for coordinating items.

I also found these hens and chicks.
Plus this travel fabric that I'll add to my
National Park Vacation someday quilt.

Not at all a bad day considering a dentist was involved.
It's not over though, they are working up a bid and
coordinating with the insurance company for a partial
plus some bonding to fix a bit of wear.  

 I can't imagine what I'll deserve after I'm through with all that!



Fun! I'm glad you had a good dental visit and such a fun time buying this fabulous fabric!

Lady Locust said...

Good deal with the dentist. Haven't seen a Ben Franklin for years. I used to like to see what they had. My first pieced quilt was made with their fabric - many many moons ago:)
How fun. Now you get to play.