Monday, February 18, 2013


 I thought I was purchasing half price chocolates- 
because I'm cheap- I don't buy Valentine's candy-
unless it's discounted!
The day after is perfect.

Taylor, my granddaughter, was with us this weekend
and she got her pick of candy boxes.
She took the smallest!    

The hubby got the middle one and we'll share the large box
since I can't eat nuts or terribly chewy things.
Then I thought I'd put the boxes in the incinerator
Through The Hop I saw an idea-
Valentines boxes are perfect heart templates!

Who can draw a  perfect heart? 
Not me - at least until now.
Soooo . . . 
paper hearts or fabric hearts , 
I've got them covered.
   I've got some yummy chocolate too!


Michelle said...

I also buy candy after the holiday. Why waste the money for one day's differences.

Candy C. said...

Good idea to save the boxes for templates! Mmmm...nothing like fancy chocolates, especially at half price! :)