Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hitting the Fabric Jackpot

It was sitting on my counter when I arrived home!
My box from Connecting Threads
full of yummy fabrics at pennies on the dollar.
I hit their Pink Sale for Valentines Day
plus a few of their clearance fabrics.
All this, 15 different fabrics,
with 14 of them at 1/2 yard and one is a full yard,
for a mere $29, fantastic in my book.
I made use of their Get5Back code that discounted
my order by $5.00, or enough to fully cover my shipping.

I also hit a half price sale just before Christmas
so now I have oodles of fabric to play with.
 You don't always get an entire collection when you wait
for their clearance sales but you can come up with some 
really fantastic deals, especially when they offer 
free shipping or a coupon code.

There are lots of free patterns/projects to choose from
and even a kit builder where you choose your fabric,
put in onto a pattern and they will make up a kit for you.
What fun!

What are your favorite On-Line fabric stores?
I  have a couple local quilt shops that I always purchase from
but when I can add to the stash at a great price, 
I will take advantage of the opportunity
and I know I can trust Connecting Threads.
Great customer service,
Ability to track your package,
fast regular delivery -and I don't expedite shipping.


Michelle said...

I need to check out internet stores. They seem a lot cheaper then my quilt stores.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I will always support my local (small) quilt shops but because they are small they also have limited offerings so if I see something fun or at a good price I'll pick up a bit since our income is very limited. There are different qualities of fabric however and I think I would make sure someone has tried the shop. Here's my take on it: I can't afford the Lamborghini quality fabric, I have some Cadillac quality for quilts but need some Chevy quality for day to day things. Avoid the Yugo!

Candy C. said...

Wow, what a great deal! We only have Wal-Mart now for fabric, unless I make a trip to the city which I HATE to do. I'll have to check these guys out! :)

Scrapatches said...

Fabulous fabric finding. I like Connecting Threads for their great prices. Their quilter's color lines are my favorites there. I shop at a few online shops and have mostly had good experiences. When I am looking for something in particular I go to Quiltshops.com search box and type it in and then "sale" and see what comes up. I have never had a dissapointing experience at a shop listed on their site.

Mostly I buy from LQS and I am blessed that there is a couple of good ones near me and they have sale areas. My favorite way to shop. One of these shops is also an online shop, Bits'n'Pieces in Pelham, NH. They are very friendly and helpful people and try to keep quilting affordable.

Thanks for visiting my blog for the BMP party and leaving a thread trail so I could find my way to your blog. I also enjoyed looking at your kitties on your other blog.

Have a Happy Heart Day ... :) Pat