Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fly Tying in the Man Cave

      It came to life in the man cave,
created with bits of feathers and thread,
inspired by micro brew and thoughts of spring 
fishing up on the Meramec. 
 At best it's a wooly bugger variation,
really just a hunch at what a hungry fish might find tasty.  
 He brought the fly tying gear down to the man cave
and hopefully will start to teach
 our granddaughter,Taylor, how to tie flies too. 

This is an example of his bobbin,
a bit different than in my sewing machine 
but gear nonetheless.  
 While I collect fabric,
he will be watching for feathers, fiber
fur, beads and wire for his creations
which will hopefully lure in the big one, 
or at least ones that will put up a  good fight. 

The man cave is getting  pretty well supplied now.
Radios and a work surface for hobbies
plus setting down a micro brew or two.

Cutting mats for model making. 
Looks sort of familiar to quilters, doesn't it?

 A little pool playing-
that's me sinking the 8 ball.

Now it's not fancy, just a basement.
It's not fixed up or painted, 
at least not yet.
We have a weight section
(yes, I need to get down there!)

There's a recumbent bike plus an older treadmill
 that's next to the old washing machine.
(nothing fancy, just off and on plus
a crank to set the speed)
 There's is also an elliptical that I purchased
years ago  because it was supposed to
help my knees.  It doesn't really, I find it hard. 

There is music-
yes, those are albums and a turntable.
Plus some CDs and a reel to reel.
Boy, we sure are showing our age!

 He says the man cave counter balances the girl cave upstairs.
I guess it keeps the house from flipping over
 (with the piles of fabric I have  hoarded stacked up there).
 It's important to have some hobbies or some cause.
It may be quilting, fishing or camping
or perhaps joining civic organizations or performing charitable work.

If you find you would like to have a hobby, 
but you don't even know where to start, check out classes at 
your local community college or adult evening education
courses at a high schools or libraries.
Volunteer at your church or one of your local organizations,
join a bowling league or sign up for exercise classes.
Survey all sorts of hobbies until you find one you love.


Michelle said...

My husband would love a man cave. Maybe one day. He has his garage. I love having hobbies. They are so much fun.

Kristi said...

My dad tied flies professionally for a while--what starts as a hobby sometimes takes on a life of its own!

My problem isn't trying to find a hobby, it's trying to find time to try everything I want to. :-)


Kathy Wow lucky! I wish Chuck had a man cave and this one is so nice! There will be some fishing going on and with fine equipment there...talent runs in your family for sure.