Thursday, August 25, 2016

Tomatillo, a Citrus Balloon

When I tell people we grow tomatillos most don't know
what we are referring to so I thought I would
introduce you to these fun little fruits.

From what I understand, these are an ancient fruit going
back to Aztec times, related to the tomato but with a 
paper husk and the fruit having a citrus flavor.
They are the little green chunks in salsa that 
is not a green pepper.

Like a tomato, they vine and the stems are full
of tiny roots so they could be grown on the 
ground but it's much easier to pick when we 
grow them up cattle panels.   The paper husks
will fill with the fruit and start to split when ripe.
We pick them often and make small batches of 
salsa verde, or you could put them into a regular
red sauce in tiny chunks.  

My husband loves his salsa verde, topping everything
from breakfast eggs and sausage to his chicken tortilla.

They are very easy to grow as long as the soil is not too wet.
They don't attract many pests either; however, I found 
my squash bugs think they are little love balloons!
Fortunately for me, they are easy to spot riding atop
a big tomatillo!  



You know living here in South Carolina I don't see many of these. When I do I really didn't know what to do with them. For me this was a great tutorial and I thank you Kathy!

Weekend-Windup said...

I have not seen them before. they look like tomato or big gooseberry.

Lady Locust said...

Interesting. I knew what they were and that they were common in salsa, but had no idea they were citrusy and never thought of growing them. I might have to play:)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thanks, they are about at the end of the season now, maybe a couple more weeks but we have plenty!

LindaG said...

They grow wild in Louisiana. At least around here. But hubby keeps everything too well trimmed now so I don't see them as often.

The little 'lanterns' are definitely an interesting plant!