Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I was never very domestic when I was younger.
I avoided Home Ec, I didn't sew or cook and,
to tell the truth, I still struggle with measurements
when having to increase a recipe.  I typically give
up and just measure twice if I have to double it.

The reason this blog exists is that I realized I missed a lot
so I selected some skills that I would learn, enough to get by
but by no means being an expert.
I think I succeeded!  I am by no means an expert!
But I try.

I found this cute quilt along on Facebook.
I love cats and I love bees so this was perfect.
It also helped me with embroidery and applique
 which will end up as a quilt with a bee theme.
  You can find it on Moda.com Bee-Utiful Quilt a Long
hosted by Pamela Morgan of  Sweet Little Stitches.

I have been able to experiment with fabric crayons
(disregard any blue lines, this is a marking pen that
will wash out easily)

Different embroidery stitches.
I also found a nice quilted interfacing that 
you steam onto the back of your fabric.  It 
keeps it nice and stiff plus fluffy!

More cute artwork to stitch.

I changed up the tractor color
to Ford 8N colors.

This was In-Progress.
I had to applique the top hat and learned
a good lesson.  Wash black fabric first.
It didn't fade when I dipped it in water,
a good sign, but it did run ever so slightly
so I'm looking for a color remover.

I am on the cupcake now.
Notice that each square has a bee somewhere.

See the Moda link for instructions

There is also a Row by Row quilt experience across 
not only Missouri or the US but Canada too.
You visit a quilt shop and get either a free pattern
or a kit which you make and combine to make 
a quilt. There are prizes but I don't enter those
contests.  Good thing too because I really messed
up and made a dumb mistake.

Remember the cooking and measuring.
Well, it's no different in quilting.
Why do I read 18 1/2 and cut at 18?
I pieced it together but will probably go back
and re-do it or applique something over my mistake.

This is the Arch in St Louis of course and my
first real attempt at machine applique other 
than an earlier six inch block where I didn't have
to be as careful.  It was fun and I have several 
more to make.  There is a Facebook group too
under Missouri so I can see some of the local quilts.

So, between pickling, sewing and gardening plus work
I have been very busy! 

If you are interested in the bee or row by row group, 
follow the links.


Ginger Dawn...A Spice Below The Horizon said...

I was never very domestic either but find such joy in it now. This quilt is going to be amazing!!!


You are an inspiration ad I need to get busy! Love your blocks!

Gorges Smythe said...

Nice work! Not being a cat-lover, I'd put the bee on the cat's backside. ;-)

Powell River Books said...

Beautiful work, so detailed. - Margy

LindaG said...

I make those sorts of mistakes in everyday cooking. I remember my first pickles. A total loss when I read 1 package instead of 1 cup or whatever it was of pickle stuff. Never did get all the salt out.

I wonder if that is why I don't like to sew? We had to take Home Ec before we went to high school. Baking, sewing, whatever constituted a home economy. I remember putting the sewing machine needle into my thumb, too. Don't remember how, but I remember it went right into my left thumb.

I think you are doing really amazing, Kathy. God bless. ^_^

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thanks! The fabric is really pretty for the sashing and borders.

Gorges- some people are substituting dogs for cats

Wow, a needle through the thumb! It must have been terrible.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I like the bee motif. I noticed it right away and thought 'oh! a quilting bee!' ...but really its embroid-a-bee! haha!