Thursday, August 11, 2016

Another Garden Update

It has been a very strange season in the garden.
A combination of perfect conditions and mixed results
The cool, wet Spring allowed everything to grow without
stress; then the heat set in followed by non-stop rain.
The garden doesn't seem to know exactly where it should be!

Speaking of which, the Bees have been busy
(of course they have)
which resulted in a tremendous cucumber crop,
climbing up the cattle panels and actually onto 
the chicken wire fencing.  

Almost every weekend, and sometimes in between,
we are canning either pint or quart jars of pickles:
cucumber slices, spears, mixed vegetables.

Taylor's had a smiley face!
She (my granddaughter) made a few jars to 
bring back to her place.

The tomatillos are just everywhere
and we have made several jars of 
salsa verde.

Now these are the good parts; however, there is also the bad.
Now the squash bugs have decided to appear, much
later than last year.  I was killing those things left and 
right, every single day, last season.  Now I find them
mating on top of the tomatillos
(love in a hot air balloon?)
so I inspect with duct tape, sticky side out,
wrapped around my hand and get the adults before
they can make the babies, although I am certain I will
soon find the eggs beneath my squash leaves.

We saw a little bird flitting from tomatillo to 
tomatillo so I hope it's a special 
Squash Bug Eating Sparrow or something.

On a lighter note I am progressing with my
Bee-Utiful quilt along sponsored by Moda.
It's been fun watching how to do the embroidery
stitches and experimenting with color and applique.
I can't say I'm "good" at it but coming along and 
learning from my mistakes.



Through all of the crazy weather this year you have gotten some beautiful produce. It does try us the critters can work us for sure. I love your needlework what a gorgeous quilt that is going to be. The squares are that's for sure!

Gorges Smythe said...

Busier than a bee; are you? ;-)

LindaG said...

Be safe and God bless. ^_^

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see your quilt!! Love the embroidery!! I so miss the days when I could garden and can....sigh...working full time has put an end to those little joys. Don't take it for granted which I know you don't. Loved your post...hope your day is great!!

Harry Flashman said...

You remind me very much of one of the characters in Sherry's "Deep Winter" and "Shatter", which I'm reading again for the zillionth time. She's the wife of the protagonist, and she can grow food, can it, cook, fix injuries and wounds, take care of the kids and husband, and do about anything that needs to be done. That's a vanishing breed of woman. Your husband is a lucky guy, Kathy. My wife is that way, too, and I appreciate her more with every passing year.

Manny said...

It has not been perfect weather on this part of the country. This has been the hottest, most humid summer that I can remember. Glad your garden has worked out.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Thanks everyone. Harry, that was a sweet thing to say. I'm sure I'd like your wife very much.

Powell River Books said...

My problem has been powdery mildew on several crops. At least I found a banana compost tea recipe online that helped with the aphids on my kale. - Margy