Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I've Got Beans

Ha, ha, Mother Nature, regardless of how much
rain you threw at us earlier this year leaving us
with soggy, unworkable ground, just look at this . . .

I planted some bush bean seeds and noticed tiny little
beans hanging down beneath the fat leaves so I've 
been checking, crossing my fingers that the deer did
not find them first and here they are, the first picking
accompanied by a couple of small peppers and a 
tomato that the bugs didn't get.

I planted another row to see how far along I can get
plus the pole beans are winding their way across
the cattle panels.  Just at deer height so we'll see
if anything develops there.

In other news, I have a couple of days off in October but
my husband is working.  Since he isn't paid unless he works,
he doesn't have those days off too.  So, what am I going to do?
I decided to plan a neighborhood painting party like we
did last year at another neighbor's house.  We chose an acrylic 
painting off the internet and tried to copy it while we had
some snacks and maybe a sip of wine or two.  
No one really cared if their painting was good-
as long as the wine was.

 A friend and I also took a water color class at our
local library, not this picture but one I tried 
later at home.  I do have water colors if anyone is 
interested in that rather than the acrylic.
Again, good doesn't matter, it's just all fun.

Then I thought a couple of us with new cameras could
go on a Photo Safari.  No, not in Africa but in the wilds
of St Louis County!   

OOOOh,  Ahhhhh you might be thinking.
A trip of a life time. And you would be right!
First we will drop off some donations to the Wildlife
Rescue center, things like paper towels and cotton balls
that they need to care for the injured ones.
Then we can go into the park walk around until
something tickles our fancy.  Maybe a pretty bird
or a colorful lizard or babbling brook and a spooky old tree.
(You gotta work with what you have!  LOL )
There is also the Wild Bird Sanctuary or Lone Elk park if 
that doesn't pan out.

Anyone else have some fun, cheap ideas for a 
stay at home vacation?



I love what you did!

Harry Flashman said...

I like the way you look for interesting things to do. You aren't caught in a routine. I've been trying to break out of mine but the days just slip by.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Harry, it was a stretch goal for me. I never like things to change but one day I said I have to start doing things outside of my comfort zone and I had a REALLY SMALL comfort zone. You could have told time based on what I was doing. I still struggle with some things. Funny though, I could sing or give a speech in front of an auditorium of people (and I can't carry a tune), I make presentations nationally and internationally at times on line (for work) but don't put me one on one in a personal social setting where i am the outsider and not familiar with the subject/project/etc. That's my struggle.

LindaG said...

Congratulations on your garden! We've started a fall garden. Our spring garden washed out, then baked. Nothing survived.

Sounds like you have great plans! Have fun!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Oh! how I have missed reading your blog! I'm trying so hard to catch up at all my favorite places! October is almost here... I can't wait to hear about your Stay-cation! I love all your ideas.
Hearing about the donations to the wild life rehab reminds me I have a stack of old towels and blankets that need to go to the Humane society...of Cedar Creek... the animal shelter. You could do something like that.
Or! Have a scavenger hunt at the Library... look up a list of Characters that have something in common; or look for geographical location in literature... then go home and have a meal from that country!
I don't know how that would work... but I bet you could use that idea as a spring board and go big ...AND STAY HOME!!!! HAHAHAHA!

Powell River Books said...

My Scarlet Runner Bean plants had hardly any beans this year, only foliage. I planted some bush beans in pots after another early plant was removed. They had blossoms when I left for a short trip and should have beans to pick when we get home. I have them all covered in plastic mesh so the roving woodrats (packrats) don't eat them before we do. - Margy