Thursday, July 2, 2015

Great Deal on Pork Loin

Our local grocery offered Pork Loin for $1.69 per lb prepackaged into almost 10 lb packages. He purchased this one a week or two ago, cut it into smaller portions, about 5-6, and vacuum sealed them for the freezer.  We had one already and it was fork tender, cooked in the dutch oven at 350 degrees F.  

The vacuum sealer keeps the meat safe
from freezer burn and when packed into our large deep freeze,
it is good for a very long time.  We also take advantage of the
pressure cooker which can make a lesser cut of meat fork tender.

We'll have a few more meals to come out of this!  
As meat prices skyrocket (hamburger $6/lb!!) we are keeping our
eyes out for great deals.  


Lady Locust said...

Great find! We do the same thing here. And what! $6/lb for HB is crazy.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

They have that here so I slice them into boneless pork chops and freeze them in meal size bags. Nothing like the sorry pork chops that are offered.

jewlz said...

I buy the sale meats and VP them, too- In fact, I have some pork loin unthawing now. Most of it will b pulled bbq pork, the rest will be marinated for shish kabobs. I wonder how young families can afford to eat these days.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I am not sure how they eat. Someone my husband knows has 4-5 kids at home plus the parents. Feeding 7 people has to be expensive. You can hardly eat out with hamburgers at a restaurant (not fast food) being around $10 here and that's for 1 person. You'd be better buying the $6/lb and feeding 4 at home. We rarely eat out, for special occasions or at a value place if we're too far from home and running errands. We have 1 Chinese buffet that is priced well and one new American buffet that is very reasonable. We don't really go for dinner, the lunch prices are better and since I'm not a heavy meat eater, I don't care for the more expensive meats they serve at dinner.

Harry Flashman said...

I like pork, but I got deathly sick after eating a spoiled "butt roast" years ago. My wife told me it was spoiled but I cooked it and ate it anyway. Never made that mistake again. I'm always looking for deals as well. When I find a good price on canned food, I buy cases of it.

Powell River Books said...

Now that's a good deal. Our propane fridge has been on the fritz lately so we haven't been buying much to put in the freezer. Now we think we have the problem solved so we can start looking for some good deals like the one you found. - Margy