Friday, July 17, 2015

Bees Everywhere

We have had an abundance of bees this year, even the 
news stations have commented on it.  The amazing thing
is that they are so docile around us to the point of moving
aside so we can tend to the flowers.  Sometimes they hover
just in front of your head as if they are just checking out
what you are up to.

I think they are carpenter bees. 

And they are everywhere on the flowers.
The cone flowers really draw them plus the hosta blooms 
and of course the bee balm which you can see here in the background.
I do find them asleep on the flowers on occasion, thinking they died but
later they are gone so our nectar must be pretty good stuff!

We don't see carpenter bee damage, maybe on the very edges of the 
deck but nothing major anywhere.  I have to say I truly enjoy
watching them, especially since they don't mind me getting close
and taking photos of them.


Harry Flashman said...

No honey bees to be seen here. Carpenter bees in plenty, but I kill them because they bore holes in my log buildings.

Unknown said...

Wherever you live, it seems pretty nice! I'm in the heart of the city, so I have to take any kind of flower I can get, damaged or not. The carpenter bees could build little log cabins on top of them for all I'd care. :-)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Harry- we have to get our hives going by next year. We have the materials but they are in need of repair.

Bun- we live near St Louis but outside the city. We are at the top of a rocky ridge top off and our roads were not paved only a few years ago. It's close enough that I work on the outskirts of St Louis, we call it The County, around where the malls would be.

Unknown said...

Well, it sounds idyllic. When I go for long walks through the city, I very occasionally see trees. I find myself scratching my head for a few seconds and wondering, "Now what is that? It looks kinda familiar."