Thursday, July 16, 2015

All The Fruit I'll Never Eat And One I Will

The blackberries have done well this year with all the rain.
They used to line our road, huge fines with giant berries
that you could fill your freezer with after making jelly or sorbet.
Then the developer sprayed them! 
I suppose that they were trying to clean up the lots so they 
were more attractive, not thinking that anyone moving
out in this area would probably rather have the berries than
a manicured lawn.  They just never recovered.
Some started popping up in our yards and this year was a good one.

Except. . .  I can't eat seeds anymore and all the cute and adorable
animals I love to watch plus the birds that visit me on the porch
all love blackberries.  We were not proactive enough
to pick and freeze until we had enough so I'll not eat these.

The peaches are plentiful this year as well, small but nice.
The fronts are nice and peachy color but the backs are green.
With this couple days of hot weather they are getting nicer 
but like last year I know I'll walk out one morning and find
the tree bare!  One night branches are hanging heavy with 
fruit, the next day- nothing.  Will I get to eat these?  Maybe
but not keeping my hopes up.  With my leg and foot still acting
up I am not walking up to the tree much so the deer and raccoon
will likely get these too.

Here's another little bunch of berries at the wood line.

The ones I planted are doing well too and next year should
be producing more and better. 

I also have to get a mate for my elderberry.  
I am looking for a Wyldwood for my Bob Gordon.

I did get a couple of my plums but they mostly had worms.
I don't want to spray them since the bees were all over it
this year, hundreds of large down to teeny tiny ones you could
barely see along with strange fluffy flies and the moths
that probably laid the worm eggs.

I did get to taste my fig!
It was overly ripe, sweet and gooey.
I can't really eat it due to the seeds
(I know, why do I plant seedy things when I can't eat seeds?).
Do you see the baby fig above and to the left of the ripe one?


Lisa said...

Beautiful fruit trees! I planted a fig tree 3 years ago and still no figs. Do you know what I need to add to the soil to get it blooming and producing fruit?


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

No, mine is still in a pot inside, I'm hoping to plant it outside next year.

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I'm so jealous of your peaches and figs!
We've only got one small peach tree right now...and it is so young, it's not produced a thing yet. 2 plum trees...same thing.
Our fig tree...was OVER PRUNED a few years back...and the attack of killer grasshoppers have left us fruitless for about a handful of years! I miss the figs!
Blackberries...already come and gone. I made some jelly for the Honey. He loves it WITH THE SEEDS. Most stores sell only seedless. Maybe you can make some seedless jams with the berries and figs. Though time consuming. But still...delicious. Think of the possibilities. I didn't think I'd be eating jam...but I made mine with Agave nectar (my own jar) and will probably do so with what's left in the freezer.
Don't let your illness...stop you from enjoying these fruits... seedless with the right tools, I know you can do it!