Saturday, June 6, 2015

Orange You Glad It's Spring?

I think there's a pattern here!
Orange blossoms are popping up all over.
It's sort of like the time we decided to paint the kitchen
at the old house.  After I took down all the nicknacks, I discovered
that I collected chickens!  I had no idea.
This is in the days before coops and tractors.
It must have been a sign.
Like all this orange.
The pretty milkweed is blooming among bee balm and the other natives.

We get pretty red and black bugs that congregate on them plus 
butterflies that are the exact color of the blooms, not monarchs,
but orange and brownish ones that flutter in groups and
hardly mind if you try to let one land on your finger.

Many of you have seen the Red Hot Poker plants
in our garden wall. They are spreading and showing up
in several areas now.  They will soon start losing their blooms
but while they are here we get to enjoy how unusual they are.

I have always loved the marigolds: big ones,
small ones, yellow, red and multi colored ones.
Some people can't stand them but I try to plant them 
in with the vegetables to keep pests away.  It's been 
pretty wet here so not many veges in the ground yet 
other than tomatoes and peppers plus our potato tower
and a new bed of horseradish.

Wild daisies appeared in front of the frog pond and 
spilling over the garden wall.  There are large patches
at the edge of the woods along with bushes with great
white blooms.  It's been a long, long spring, perfect
for the flowers.

I saw this pretty butterfly early in the morning.
I watched as it fluttered from bloom to bloom.

It was soon joined by a bumble, just to the lower right of it's wings.
They bumped into each other from time to time.

We have a big weekend in store for us.
I am going to introduce Taylor to the sewing machine,
we have more mulch to add to the potato tower,
we might fly Taylor's drone and my husband
has some serious antenna work to do for his ham club.
Have a great weekend!


Lady Locust said...

Say...that new camera is working well. What beautiful photos. Your 'orange' all looks so happy.

Manny said...

Very pretty. It's been so unlike spring here the last couple of weeks. Much colder than usual. But today was a gem of a day.

Powell River Books said...

I have orange and yellow marigolds in deck posts in front of the cabin. I just love the bright summery look. - Margy