Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pick A Pumpkin

It's almost Pick A Pumpkin Time!
This year's garden was no 
winner, winner zucchini dinner;
We got Pumpkins
Not many, but pumpkins nonetheless

Who do you think will be picking these pumpkins?

Miss Taylor of course.
Grandma will need to help with one of them . . . 

It was a little too late by the time I noticed this,
now it's nice and orange.
By this time the wire is surely embedded in the fruit
hopefully I can get it out, even in pieces, for the oven!

The Pumpkin Pete sign hangs in the hallway by the garage door.
It was simply a coincidence that the hallway paint matched it perfectly!


Cottage Tails said...

Love your pumpkin sign and oh no the pumpkin in the wire will need your help. I love growing pumpkins! What type have you grown?
Love leanne

Carrie P. said...

I planted my pumpkins twice this summer and finally have one that is starting to get orange flecks on it.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Pumpkins didn't do well here, too wet and too many bugs. I almost need to plant pumpkins and squash in isolated areas and camouflage them so insects won't find them.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

They are the little sugar pie pumpkins but I thought I was planting acorn squash! I think these must have been volunteers!

Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

That pumpkin makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

FUNNY. I like the cute little sign.
Visiting around the blogs tonight...waiting to hear in the morning when and if the grandbaby might get here....


Manny said...

I always enjoy looking at pictures of your garden. It's the garden I would love to have. I guess it's time to take my son pumpkin picking again. :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Poor little pumpkin!! Well, we were going to eat it anyway so no harm. Taylor will get to carve out one of them but they are smaller for eating.

Manny- anytime now is good for picking. They are selling them here but it depends on what you're going to do with them. If you want to decorate you can do it now but if you want to carve I'd wait for the "perfect" one. This is the little garden side, the big garden didn't do anything much. Too rainy then extremely hot and dry. Tomatoes were ok but not plentiful. My lettuce is starting to grow again.

Harry Flashman said...

There used to be a big field that was full of pumpkins here. When you drove by it, you really felt like fall was here. But the old man who planted them passed away, and now the field is just empty. I miss seeing all those pumpkins.

Nancy C said...

Laughing at the wedged pumpkin -- I think this one will be destined for a pie. :)