Friday, September 20, 2013

It's a (Bottle) Blast

 We're having a Bottle Blast at the Fall Festival
Our church has one main fundraiser each year, 
a good old fashioned Fall Festival
with home cooking, games, silent auctions and a country store
along with the meat shoot.
Parishioners are asked to sell raffle tickets:
the quilt raffle
the prizes raffle
and pot shot cards for the meat shoot.

I've  been collecting some bottles and decided to have
some fun with it. I picked up some shave preps at work
from my company store - I'm sure they won't reject a can or two.
They are sort of bottle shaped.

Then I added a couple of drink mix shakers
I found up at the liquor store in town.
They look pretty neat with mixes all around.
Again, not really a bottle but the adults
can aim for these guys.

Along with this classic brand from my early years.
I thought it might get a chuckle or two.
Remember Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill?
Well, this is Blue Hawaiian.
I just might aim at this one-
a blast from the past 
and I'm even legal now!

We live in wine country.  They discovered our area
has soil very similar to the vineyards in Germany.
 Any given weekend in May or October will find
 the roads from Herman, MO to Washington, Augusta to
St Charles and down to St James jammed with winery
visitors drinking their favorites while listening to 
good, live music and snacking on fruits, crusty bread or 
finely seasoned sausages.  
 I love the cow on the Country White!

I added some nice non alcoholic drinks, soap and cleaners too. 
 Just for good measure!


Harry Flashman said...

I still like Boone's Farm. I also like all the Arbor Mist wines. My brother says Boone's Farm and Arbor Misty are only good for teenaged girls to get high on. I tell him he does not have a discriminating palate.

LindaG said...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. ♥

Nancy C said...

What a great cause and looks like you had fun with your selections. I know I got sick once from Boone's Farm something-or-other in my late teens and never touched it again. :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Nancy, I'm sure you are in good company! I haven't had it since, well 30+ years?

Candy C. said...

I'm with you and more Boone's Farm for me! LOL!!
I love your creativity with this! :)