Monday, April 2, 2012

They Ate My Sand Cherry

I planted a sand cherry bush in front of the chimney chase on the sunny side of the house.  It looks so pretty with its purple leaves and bunches of pink flowers in early spring.  It's flanked by a series of burning bushes that turn a brilliant red in the fall.  
I looked out the window the other afternoon and couldn't believe my eyes. 
It was completely covered in purple leaves the last time I saw it.  
Those TENT WORMS- hundreds of the devoured my beautiful bush, in only a day!
I killed them all. 

There's hope.  In just a few days out shot new leaves.  

Hopefully it will fully recover and look like this sample photo.

Sand Cherry Photo Credit


Candy C. said...

Oh, I'm sooo glad it is putting on new leaves already! Glad you kilt all them pesky tent worms too!!

Pat said...

Sand cherry shrubs are pretty tough - glad yours may have to spray again in case another generation managed to sneek a few explorers pass you.

Michelle said...

I hate bugs. My problem is ants. They are taking over my life. I am going to let my chickens out to eat them.

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

Ugh, stupid bugs. Caterpillars have been horrible to us in the past. They move fast here and are so difficult to find & kill!

Hope your sand cherry recovers quickly. Love the color of those leaves!