Saturday, April 14, 2012

Between The Rains

Saturday between the rains.
Buckets and buckets of rain came and went.
I was soaked and my hair curled like it hasn't in years.

Then it stopped. The sun came out, a little.
So I took a walk down to the coop and shared some collards with the chickens.
They were happy.

My husband cleared out a few more cedars leaving more open space.
The larger trees are loving it.
We'll need the boards for the potato tower
the gallows when I find whoever is digging them up.
I laid chicken wire on top but haven't secured it yet.
Just layered some straw on top hoping they would 
get confused and leave it be.

My knockout rose is on the corner of the house.
It's probably 8 ft tall and blooming.
It was an obligation purchase 
to support a co-worker's high school band a few years ago.
Amazing rose.

This little froggy is quite at home. 
The little plastic pond cracked years ago
but I don't have the heart to remove it.
The frogs live in it and
I like frogs.

Stella is getting ready.  
This is my favorite day lily.
Blooms for so long.

I haven't put the top of the bird bath on yet.
We're expecting bad storms, potentially damaging ones.
Mary's there though.
Watching over things.

The little escapees are at it again.
I've chased a few down today.
They are on the tile down the hall, so it's ok.
We cover them when we're not around.
They don't go far, in fact, they don't really mean to leave the tub.
They lose their balance.
Then they cry.
They haven't figured out how to fly back up to the tub!
They are the sweetest chicks, little buff orpington's.
They let us hold them 
and then they nestle down to sleep.
Taylor is loving them! Even Taylor's mom holds them
and she's afraid of all animals (crazy daughter).


LindaG said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us.
Have a wonderful Sunday! :o)

Candy C. said...

I just love all your pictures! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. My children would love it if we had a little frog pond. :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

You can bury one of those little black plastic water tubs. Frogs don't like moving water so you wouldn't need to do much. They are fun, but noisy!