Saturday, February 11, 2012

Picnic Hams- Pork Processing Continues

Our ham processing saga continues . . . .

You can read part 1 here.. We started with 220 lbs of pork that we had the butcher block out - not cutting it into the pork cuts you see in the stores. The bacon is finished as well as the ground and pulled pork leaving us with the picnic hams that we are boiling and long cut hams that we will process to be the type you see hanging in burlap sacks.

It was been four weeks since we injected the picnic hams with cure, wrapped them in plastic and put them in the spare refrigerator. After two weeks we soaked them to remove the surface salt, rewrapped them and stored back in the fridge for another two weeks. Today was the ham boil.

These two picnic hams cooked at a simmer for about 4 hours until done. He deboned one of them, leaving a little meat on it for soup. I tasted a little bit and it's really good and extremely tender.

After they cool we will cut and package them up, vacuuming sealing some for future use.


3rnigerians said...

It looks so good Kathy. I am so excited for you guys. Wow, and I sure do appreciate you sharing with us the basic idea of what you are doing.

Thanks for linking this latest post with a backlink to the first one so all the new farmgirls and boys can enjoy the whole story. Way to go!

Susan said...

Wow, I've never known anyone who did this. That's great! I love pork, and this makes me hungry!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

It's just our kitchen and a spare fridge- anyone can do it but you have to have a big freezer and time. We have enough meat that we don't need to buy any for a really long time. We do have lots of bonfires and outdoor events when the weather is nice so it is great to have lots of things to cook when everyone shows up. Pork's my favorite especially pulled pork, pork steaks and bacon.

Candy C. said...

I'm a big fan of pork too and I'll bet your home processed meat is just amazing! You guys are an inspiration!