Monday, February 20, 2012

Bones in the Garden- Murder or Natural Causes?

Was it murder?  Or death by natural causes?  We many never know.

There's one thing for sure, this one won't be talking.  

He's not play'n possum anymore.

No opossum was hurt in the making of this blog post- he was already dead.  My assumption is by natural causes since his bones have not been disturbed since summer.  I came across them while checking out the garden today.  As strange as it may sound to some of you, the kids enjoy looking at our found bones, learning how the skeletons are put together and which bones make up what part.  


Michelle said...

Cute post. I really enjoyed reading it. I like the picture of the possum.

Clint Baker said...

Funny post!

Candy C. said...

I think found bones are a perfect opportunity for an anatomy lesson! I'm with Michelle, love the 'possom picture! :)
P.S. Thank you SOOO much for turning off word verification!!

Charade said...

We, too, love to find bones and skulls while walking in our woods. I guess we should expect some death by natural causes, although often we find evidence that a predator was the cause.

LindaG said...

Very interesting post. Thanks!

Manny said...

If the bones don't have any chew marks, I would suspect natural causes. Of course if they do have chew marks, that could go either way.