Friday, June 30, 2017

Row by Row Here I Go

It is time for Row by Row!
Quilters will visit shops between now and fall to collect
either free patterns or kits designed by the shop.  This 
introduces them to new shops, lets them visit old favorites
and offers skill building as we try different techniques.

Some quilters will combine their rows into full 
quilts, others will continue on to the contest.

Me, I'm just having fun.

I just completed these two.
One is of the Mississippi River with boats and the 
other is from last season where I visited 
Quilts and Quilts in Branson MO.

I thought this would be hard, but it was so much fun!
You cut out all the little strips that you can see inside the 
US map, sew them together and bond a cut out
of the country on top of them.  The entire area underneath
still has the various fabric strips.
Then you add the letters using a bonding material but
you have to sew around everything to keep it in place
for a long time.

The top two are from last year too
(they have been tucked away in a drawer so need ironing)
The middle two are this year and I have already
discussed HOME.

I hope to visit a couple more shops in St Louis this weekend
and pick up a couple more patterns or kits.

My real quest is to build a Kathy's Life quilt but
the logistics are in the way.  I just can't get to some 
of the places I need to get the kits.  I'd start 
out from when I was born and add rows to get
where I am now.  You actually have to be there,
no ordering on line.

Kansas City, MO  Born there but 4 hours away
Aurora, MO  4-5 hours away
Various ones from St Louis I can do.
Hot Springs, AR where I visit my mom. 

Who knows, maybe they will have a kit left over after
the collecting period is over and I can get one mailed to me.
I tried with Aurora last year but she was out of kits.

The Missouri Row by Row provides a map, printable list of shops
 (Travel List) and images of the rows (Pictures) submitted by shops for 2017,
they also have a Facebook site.
It should be fun!


Lady Locust said...

What fun. Someday (when I'm retired?) I'd love to do a shop hop. Like you say, see new shops and just join in on the fun.

Harry Flashman said...

Quilting is really big here with the women folk. My mother in law, who passed away a few months ago, left us a good many quilts.

I have a big world map that covers one whole wall of my radio room. Your map quilt reminds me of that.