Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gotta Get These Quilts Done!

Have you ever said it? 
 "I have to get these quilts done!"
I'm great at starting them, and I work on several of them at the same time.
But, get them completed????
Um, no.

I am using these reds to make a Wickedly Easy Quilt.
It's easy! And a free pattern on the internet too.
Just search on Wickedly Easy Quilts and there are a couple
I believe as projects on some fabric sites.
Here is the link to one of them that I might try later.

The link for this one is here.

 It's made with strips that are then cut and repositioned.
It has directions for several different sizes and is fat quarter friendly; however, 
and this is a big warning- measure your fat quarters to make sure they are
at least 18 X 21 after you square them up or, make sure you have 
a few extra you can add in if you run short.
If you wash them first, make sure they don't fray.
Nothing against the pattern- more about who cuts the fabric.

This is a simple baby quilt for a new arrival.  
I just purchased the backing during a quilt sale but still, 
I need to get it quilted.  I might try it myself but it's for someone else.
This one is called Cheaper by the Dozen and I purchased it at
You can make it bigger with borders of course.

This is the same pattern using a different color scheme and a big mum backing.
I did add the extra border here, actually I omitted it from the baby quilt.
This may be for mom if I can get it quilted.
Right now funds are severely limited!
I was hoping for Christmas gifts but we'll see, maybe her birthday.

This is my first quilt project, a block of the month.
And up till then, I didn't sew.  Boy, was I naive!
I just need to cut out hundreds of flying geese and finish up the log cabin corners,
then it will be done.

This is from last Christmas, a disappearing nine patch made with charms.
It's ready to go, but needs quilting.

This is the backing.  I love the reindeer!

This was Taylor's quilt, the only one I finished.
It's got lots of crazy patterns that are fun for kids.

I have some extra of this so maybe I'll make a pillow case!

So, there you have it.
Confession time.
I love to do the quilting but never quite finish anything more than a mug run or table runner.
It's really all about paying someone to quilt it.
I hope Santa leaves a long arm machine beneath the tree this year
(or should I say across the living room!)

I guess I better get busy!


Candy C. said...

I'm right there with you! I have all the pieces cut out for a lightweight quilt for our bed and have even pieced a few of the blocks and there. it. sits... LOL!!

Carolyn said...

I like Taylor's quilt the best....very fun looking indeed :)

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

Me too! I love that quilt!

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I need to get snowed in, alone, with power but no TV or internet! LOL

LindaG said...

It will be a long time before I try quilts.
Take your time and good luck!

Michelle said...

I have so many unfinished quilts. Several are for my daughters for Christmas ,so I have to get them done.

Jenny said...

I have a few I was hoping to make for Christmas.

I guess I need to get in gear!

Your quilting looks beautiful. AND all the corners match.

My quilts are always 'point'less.