Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thirty Ladies in a Bathroom

I can envision the news article now.   Thirty women were rescued from a fifth floor bathroom today after spending four hours shivering in terror.  It was only by sheer luck that a co-worker wandered in, catching the door with her foot before it slammed shut, imprisoning yet another unsuspecting female.  The incident unfolded after the company made a “green” decision to  install automatic hand driers.   The ladies, unaware the switch had been made, were inadvertently trapped after they discovered the absence of paper towels which they would use on the door handle when exiting.

Yes, I know that restrooms can be dirty and disgusting.    Yes, I have seen things in the women’s room that amazed me, “how they heck did That happen, and how could they not notice!”  I know germs live on surfaces for hours and that not everyone really washes their hands so the door handle can be reasonably clean. But really, I couldn’t believe the outcry when the memo was released.    

Maybe it’s the camper in me, you know, outhouses, campground toilets, gas stations or the unguarded porta potty.   Maybe I’m just tough- all those years of cleaning up dirty diapers and animal accidents.  Maybe I just don’t think you should worry about each and every germ known to man.  I would imagine the copier buttons have a whole host of little critters invisible to the naked eye but I don’t see anyone wearing a handful of rubber fingers as they collate.  I also remember what happened to the natives when the Europeans arrived with their diseases.  No immunity.  That’s not a good thing. 

Everyone needs a little dirt and a few germs- a little exposure to build up immunity.  Now if you actively have a cold, the flu or even feel a little off, absolutely!  Grab the Wet Ones and wipe down your area to prevent the spread.  Keep some antibacterial gel handy and sneeze into the crook of your arm.   Better yet, if you have the flu, stay home.  The company will survive a day or two without you, and if it can’t, they need to pay you a whole lot more.  But don’t tremble in fear of a door knob.   You’re touching it, not licking it.  And if you are, you’ve got some critical issues going on and there’s not a whole lot a paper towel can do for you anyway.

Enjoy-and don’t fear.


Mary Christine said...

That's funny. But sadly, too true.

I am a runner, when out on a 15 to 20 mile run, you learn to use whatever you can find for relief - porta potties, bushes, etc. No soap, water, or hand sanitizer. And somehow we live through that!

And I am glad my kids ate some dirt on their journey to adulthood.

Kathy Felsted Usher said...

We have a water and ice machine at work that functions similar to a fast food soda dispenser. Rather than push their glass against the handle, they use a communal cup to transfer the water/ice to their glass to avoid germs from the handle. There has to be 20 or so people a day using this one cup. I wonder if all of them washed their hands before handling it. I don't think that has registered with them yet. Maybe I'll have some fun and mention it! (no, I won't) Good luck with your runs. It's pretty cold this time of year so I hope you're flying to warm destinations if you run any marathons.