Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hot Springs Arkansas Visit

We were Arkansas bound, headed for Hot Springs
to visit my mom for a four day weekend.  We brought
our granddaughter along and took the required photo
at the Arkansas welcome center on Hwy 67 just after
the Missouri border.  This time the sweet ladies that 
man the center gave her a cutout of Arkansas to hold up!

It's a long drive for us but we have made it so many 
times that we have familiar landmarks which help
to make the trip shorter.  Additionally, it was good
to see they extended the four-lane section so we are 
down to only about 30-40 miles of two-way!

After resting a bit upon arrival, we made our way out to
Tom's favorite restaurant, Mr. Whiskers.  It's moved 
locations, expanded the seating but was still so crowded
the line to order stretched down one whole side of the 
seating area.  You had to estimate departures so you
can tell them To Go or Eat In!  He had fried oysters
with hush puppies and slaw.  Taylor had the kid meal,
mainly because it comes in a snazzy cardboard boat!
Mom had fish and shrimp and I chose ala carte since
I can't eat much these days.  Three shrimp and some
hush puppies were plenty, with some of those hush
puppies to take home!

We made sure to go downtown the next day.
We dropped my husband and Taylor off while Mom
and I went to the quilt shop to pick up my
Row by Row that mom had purchased for me
but we still had to pick up.  

Afterwards we met the hubby and Taylor downtown.
It was really nice except it's a small area and when you
add 10,000 motorcycles for a rally on top of tourists,
it was a bit deafening! 

This is Fat Bottom'd Girls, a cupcake shop that won
on Cupcake Wars that Taylor watches.  She was simply 
amazed last year when she saw her idols were right there!
She had to get a big chocolate cupcake this time.
By the looks of it, it was grand!

Taylor and I had our photo taken outside of the 
Ohio club with Al Capone!!

Mom owns the point so we have a great view plus
a lot of water frontage to swim.

Captain Taylor and Pops

Taylor takes a break and sits with my mom
up front to enjoy the view.

Mid air too!

Relaxing on the deck.

Our view as the sun sets.

Mom's house from the water at dusk.

There are some tremendous houses on this lake.
This is mom's neighbor and yes, it's as big as it looks!

Another house down the lake.

This one has an infinity swimming pool just before the lake.

Soon the weekend came to an end and we were packed up
and heading back to the St Louis area.  
Now I need some time off to rest!


LindaG said...

Your mom has a beautiful place. I think I would have had to be fishing the whole time. ^_^
Glad you had a wonderful visit.
Blessings to all.

Gorges Smythe said...

Looks like a good time!

Powell River Books said...

That's a great deck for sunning, swimming and relaxing. Good for you. - Margy

Yahoobuckaroo's Blog said...

You feeling all right lady? Haven't seen anything of you for quite a while.

Manny said...

Looks beautiful. Seems very restful but still has many activities. Thanjks Kathy.

Just noticed. This post was almost two months ago. I hope things are well.